Bowlby in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Bowlby
Charles Bowlby
Henry Bowlby
Richard Bowlby
George Bowlby
William Bowlby
Robert Bowlby
Joseph Bowlby
Jesse Bowlby
Frederick Bowlby
Dennis Bowlby
Anthony Bowlby
Thomas Bowlby
James Bowlby
Edwin Bowlby

Top female forenames

Frances Bowlby
Elizabeth Bowlby
Alice Bowlby
Mary Bowlby
Eliza Bowlby
Ada Bowlby
Caroline Bowlby
Ethel Bowlby
Edith Bowlby
Barbara Bowlby
Sophia Bowlby
Ann Bowlby
Rosalie Bowlby
Lucy Bowlby
Hannah Bowlby
Florence Bowlby
Eleanor Bowlby
Annie Bowlby
Sarah Bowlby
Henrietta Bowlby

Top occupations

Rector Of St Philips Daur
Accountant & Estate Agent
Income From Houses/Dividends
Labourer (Farm)
Late Occupier Of Farm 95 Acres (Farmer)
M R C S House Surgeon
Militia Quartermaster Existance Allowance
Railway Signalman
Rector Of St Philips
Income From Dividends
General Servant
General Serv (Domestic)
Barrister At Law
Chaperon (D)
Clergyman Of C Of E "Without Care Of Souls" M.A.
Clerk In Bank Scotland
Clerk W Foreign Bankers
Commercial Agent Traveller
Farmer Retired (N Oc)
Gardener (Dom)
Gardeners Son
Gardiner Domestic Sert
Shipping Clerk