Bowle in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Bowle
William Bowle
Charles Bowle
John Bowle
Edward Bowle
Thomas Bowle
Henry Bowle
Walter Bowle
David Bowle
Sidney Bowle
Benjamin Bowle
Robert Bowle
Albert Bowle
Mark Bowle
Jacob Bowle
Francis Bowle
Edmund Bowle
Samuel Bowle
Arnold Bowle
Richard Bowle
Joseph Bowle
Jno. Bowle
Frederick Bowle
Willm. Bowle

Top female forenames

Mary Bowle
Kate Bowle
Sarah Bowle
Elizabeth Bowle
Hannah Bowle
Harriet Bowle
Susan Bowle
Ellen Bowle
Matilda Bowle
Martha Bowle
Clariam Bowle
Caroline Bowle
Isabella Bowle
Bessy Bowle
Agnes Bowle
Ethel Bowle
Susanna Bowle
Emily Bowle
Elizh. Bowle
Maude Bowle
Dorcas Bowle
Maria Bowle
Catherine Bowle
Jane Bowle
Betsy Bowle
Anna Bowle
Fanny Bowle
Thirza Bowle
Emly Bowle
Rose Bowle
Elizebeth Bowle
Eleanor Bowle

Top occupations

Bricklayers Labourer
Watermans Appr
Laundry Work
Pupil Teacher
Postmaster Asst (Telegraph Clerk) (C S O)
Porter Out Of Employ
Nurse Domestic
Mariners Wife
Wrstd Wever
Worsted Weaver
Working Housekeeper Dom
Wool Washer (Stuff Mr)
Stone Dresser
Shoeing Smith Employing 3 Men & 1 Boy
Shirt Ironer (Wash)
Servant Unemployed
Labourer Bun Company (O)
Corn Merchant Empl 6 Men 2 Boys
Corn & Seed Merchant
Cork Cutter
Coal Miner
Beerhouse Keeper
Assistant Beerhouse Keeper (Inn Ser)
Army Pensioner Labourer
Daily Governess
Engine Driver (Rail)
Engineer Fitter
Kitchen Maid Dom Serv
Ironer Shirts (Wash)
Housemaid Domestic
House Carpenter
Green Grocer
Gardener (Dom)
Farriers Widow
Farm Bailiff
Ag Labr