Bowmer in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Bowmer
John Bowmer
Joseph Bowmer
William Bowmer
Thomas Bowmer
Henry Bowmer
James Bowmer
Joshua Bowmer
Harry Bowmer
Isaac Bowmer
Robert Bowmer
Benjamin Bowmer
Alfred Bowmer
Samuel Bowmer
Peter Bowmer
Herbert Bowmer
Albert Bowmer
Hugh Bowmer
Arthur Bowmer
Abraham Bowmer
Frederick Bowmer
David Bowmer
Charles Bowmer
Anthony Bowmer
Stephen Bowmer
George.W. Bowmer
Aaron Bowmer
Philip Bowmer
Fredk. Bowmer
Mathew Bowmer
Frank Bowmer
Edgar Bowmer
Johnson Bowmer
Daniel Bowmer
Willie Bowmer
Bernard Bowmer
Thos. Bowmer
Stretton Bowmer
Henry.R. Bowmer
Reuben Bowmer
Lionel Bowmer
Edwin Bowmer
Wm.Hughes Bowmer

Top female forenames

Mary Bowmer
Sarah Bowmer
Ann Bowmer
Ellen Bowmer
Annie Bowmer
Elizabeth Bowmer
Martha Bowmer
Emma Bowmer
Jane Bowmer
Hannah Bowmer
Florence Bowmer
Alice Bowmer
Anne Bowmer
Harriet Bowmer
Catherine Bowmer
Eleanor Bowmer
Lucy Bowmer
Louisa Bowmer
Amy Bowmer
Edith Bowmer
Margaret Bowmer
Rose Bowmer
Caroline Bowmer
Fanny Bowmer
Phebe Bowmer
Kate Bowmer
Emily Bowmer
Jesse Bowmer
Millicent Bowmer
Isalt Bowmer
Matilda Bowmer
Amelia Bowmer
Henrietta Bowmer
Susannah Bowmer
Agnes Bowmer
Dorothy Bowmer
Margt.E. Bowmer
Gertrude Bowmer
Rosetta Bowmer
Rosanna Bowmer
Blanche Bowmer
Eve Bowmer
Priscilla Bowmer
Augusta Bowmer
Laura Bowmer
Patty Bowmer
Anni Bowmer
Josephine Bowmer
Ellonor.J. Bowmer
Minnie Bowmer

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Farmers Son
Ag Labourer
Limestone Getter
Pottery Worker
Farmers Wife
Engine Driver At Colliery
Farmers Daur
Farmers Son (Farm Serv Indoor) (Dom)
Farmers Servant
Working Goldsmith
Farmer Of 158 Acres Employ 2 Men
Farmer Of 158 Acres Son
Farmer Of 158 Acres Wife
Farmer Of 20 Acres
Farmer Of 41 Acres Employing 1 Man
Farmers Daughter
Farmer Of 70 Acres
Farmers Daug
Farmers Brother
Farmer Retired
Annuitant (Domestic Svt)
Assistant Waiter At Hotel Inn
Clerk & Consulting Engineer
Clerk (Carmans)
Coal Miners Wife
Coalmerchant Employing 6 Men & 2 Clerks
Commission Agent
Cotton Weaver
Domestic Servant
Domestic Servant (Nurse)
Domestic Servt
Dress Maker
Engine (Driver) Man
Engine Driver
Engine Turner
Engineman Driver
Factory Hand (Tex)