Bownes in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Bownes
John Bownes
James Bownes
Charles Bownes
George Bownes
Henry Bownes
Thomas Bownes
Frank Bownes
Edward Bownes
Joshua Bownes
Arthur Bownes
Albert Bownes
Joseph Bownes
Wm. Bownes
Francis Bownes
Robert Bownes
Edwin Bownes
Andrew Bownes
Frederick Bownes
Samuel Bownes
Isaac Bownes
Fred Bownes
Leonard Bownes
Herbert Bownes
Harry Bownes
Thos. Bownes
Ernest Bownes
Mathew Bownes

Top female forenames

Mary Bownes
Ann Bownes
Elizabeth Bownes
Sarah Bownes
Emma Bownes
Eliza Bownes
Emily Bownes
Ellen Bownes
Hannah Bownes
Annie Bownes
Jane Bownes
Alice Bownes
Elizth. Bownes
Ada Bownes
Sophia Bownes
Harriet Bownes
Esther Bownes
Lilly Bownes
Lily Bownes
Ellin Bownes
Liddon Bownes
Jemima Bownes
Susannah Bownes
Isabella Bownes
Edith Bownes
Henryette Bownes
Charlotte Bownes
S. Bownes
Bertha Bownes
Rebecca Bownes
Frances Bownes
Anniy Bownes
Maria Bownes
Anne Bownes
Lucy Bownes
Amy Bownes
Alberta Bownes
Julia Bownes
T. Bownes
Elisa Bownes
Susan Bownes
Hilda Bownes
Clara Bownes
Harriott Bownes
Catherine Bownes
Ruth Bownes
Barbara Bownes
Florance Bownes
Lydia Bownes

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Pocket Blade Grinder
Spring Knife Cutler
Hammer Filer (Tool)
Engine Fitter
Pocket Knife Grinder
Engine Smith (E&M)
File Warehouse Woman
Farmers Son
Farmer Housewife
Edge Tool Striker
Farmer Daughter
Farmer 132 Acres
Wine & Spt Merchant & Grocer
Farm Labourer
Grinder Cutler
Genl Servt (Domestic)
General Servant (Domestic)
General Serv (Domestic)
Gate & Jobbing Smith
Furnace Man (Steel)
Foreman Engine Fitter At Works
Fluter (Metal)
Edge Tool Forger
Dress Maker
Brick Maker
Brace Bit Striker (Tool)
Book Keeper
Blacksmiths Wife
Agri Labourer Wife
Agri Labourer
Agl Lab
Cigar Maker
Domestic Servt (Unemployed)
Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv Page
Dealer Of Earthenware
Cutter Spring Knife
Corporal R M L I
Coach Builder (Employs 13 Men 1 Boy)
Coach Builder