Bowns in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Bowns
William Bowns
George Bowns
Henry Bowns
Thomas Bowns
Joseph Bowns
James Bowns
Robert Bowns
Albert Bowns
Walter Bowns
Samuel Bowns
Charles Bowns
David Bowns
Chas. Bowns
Luke Bowns
Bertram Bowns
Arthur Bowns
Horris Bowns
Harry Bowns
Fred Bowns
Eli Bowns
Edward Bowns
Daniel Bowns
Luther Bowns
Barthomlew Bowns
Amos Bowns
Willm. Bowns
Wilfred Bowns
Elijah Bowns
Thos. Bowns
Edwin Bowns
Stewart Bowns

Top female forenames

Mary Bowns
Ann Bowns
Sarah Bowns
Annie Bowns
Ellen Bowns
Emma Bowns
Alice Bowns
Margaret Bowns
Eliza Bowns
Edith Bowns
Jane Bowns
Charlotte Bowns
Hannah Bowns
Frances Bowns
Fanny Bowns
Emily Bowns
Lizzie Bowns
Elizabeth Bowns
Lilly Bowns
Kate Bowns
Isabella Bowns
Harriet Bowns
Beatrice Bowns
Treza Bowns
Francis Bowns
Anne Bowns
Selner Bowns
Florence Bowns
Amy Bowns
Agatha Bowns
Lily Bowns
Lilley Bowns
Harriett Bowns
Catharine Bowns
Thirza Bowns
Ammey Bowns
Martha Bowns
Agnes Bowns
Eliz. Bowns
Clara Bowns
Catherine Bowns

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Stitcher (H)
F W Knitter
Framework Knitter
Potters Paintress
Domestic Servant
Laborer (Gas Works)
Housekeeper Domestic Servant
House Painter
Groom Domestic
Groom (8)
Labourer General
Labourer In Coal Mine
Nurse (Monthly)
No Occupation
Night Soil Remover To Birh Corpor (T D S)
Masons Labourer
Living On Private Means
Labourer Wife
Labourer Son
General Servant Domestic
General Servant
General Serv Domestic
Colliery Labourer
Butter Seller
Brick Makers Labourer
Wool Spinner
B Smith
Assistant (To Greengrocer)
Cook (N D)
Cotton Reeler
General Serv Domc
General Labourer
Basket Maker
Footman (Domestic Ser)
Fireman Or Stoker
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Errand Boy
Domestic Serv