Bowton in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Robert Bowton
Joseph Bowton
William Bowton
George Bowton
Walter Bowton
Ted Bowton
James Bowton
Edward Bowton
Thomas Bowton
Samuel Bowton
Richard Bowton
John Bowton
Arther Bowton

Top female forenames

Mary Bowton
Annie Bowton
Harriett Bowton
Rose Bowton
Margaret Bowton
Rebbeca Bowton
Lily Bowton
Jane Bowton
Emma Bowton
Constance Bowton
Maud Bowton
Kate Bowton
Isabella Bowton
Hannah Bowton
Elizabeth Bowton
Sarah Bowton

Top occupations

(Gen) Shopkeeper
Moulder (Undef)
Nurse Domestic
Oyster Dredger
Oyster Dredger Wife
Police Sergeant
Secy Of Slate Coy (Clk)
Shopkeeper Wife
Laborer In Fitting Shop (E & M)
Laborer Agril
House Keeper
Brewers Collector
Coal Miner
Engine Driver Locomotive
Framework Knitter Unemployed
Genl Servant (Domestic)
Groom (N Dom)