Boyers in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Boyers
James Boyers
William Boyers
George Boyers
Joseph Boyers
Charles Boyers
Henry Boyers
Herbert Boyers
Albert Boyers
Thomas Boyers
Robert Boyers
Frank Boyers
Edward Boyers
Daniel Boyers
Samuel Boyers
Peter Boyers
David Boyers
Agnes Boyers
Harry Boyers
H. Boyers
Fredk. Boyers
Obadiah Boyers
Horatio Boyers
Harold Boyers
Wm. Boyers
Gustavus Boyers
Wharry Boyers
Geo. Boyers

Top female forenames

Sarah Boyers
Mary Boyers
Elizabeth Boyers
Ellen Boyers
Eliza Boyers
Margaret Boyers
Catherine Boyers
Martha Boyers
Alice Boyers
Minnie Boyers
Maria Boyers
Jane Boyers
Annie Boyers
Harriet Boyers
Ann Boyers
Agnes Boyers
Susannah Boyers
Bertha Boyers
Hepzibah Boyers
Anne Boyers
Rebbaca Boyers
Hannah Boyers
Fanny Boyers
Ada Boyers
Esther Boyers
Margreat Boyers
Dinah Boyers
M. Boyers
Charlotte Boyers
Kate Boyers
Bridget Boyers
Susanna Boyers
Rebecca Boyers
Morria Boyers
Frances Boyers
Milicent Boyers
Ethel Boyers
Margret Boyers
Charolott Boyers
Lizzie Boyers
Jenny Boyers

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Ag Lab
Saddlers Son
Laborer General
Labourer (Brickyard)
Agricultural Labourer
Grocer & Provision Dealer
House Wife
General Servant Domestic Unemployed
General Servant
Housemaid (Domestic)
Inmates Of Home
Iron Labourer
Licensed Victualler
Lace Maker
Labourer Brickyard
Laborers Wife
Industrial School
Jack Tenter
Iron Moulder
Iron Miner
General Ser
Gen Labourer
Formerly General Labourer
Wire Worker
Common Lodging House Keeper
Collier 4 Feet Mine
Collar And Harness Maker
Coalminer Drawer
Chain Maker (Manuf)
Bricklayers Lab
Cotton Winder
Dom Servant
Domestic General
Farm Servant (In Door)
Farm Labourers Wife
Farm Laboror
Engine Fitter At Works
Drapers Assistant
Domestic Servant