Boyland in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

James Boyland
William Boyland
George Boyland
John Boyland
Samuel Boyland
Charles Boyland
Thomas Boyland
Henry Boyland
Joseph Boyland
Herbert Boyland
Edward Boyland
Albert Boyland
Robert Boyland
Patrick Boyland
Ernest Boyland
Louis Boyland
Wm. Boyland
Alfred Boyland
Hugh Boyland
Francis Boyland
Walter Boyland
Joe Boyland
Isaac Boyland
Abel Boyland
Sidney Boyland
Hubert Boyland
Saml. Boyland
Richard Boyland
Frank Boyland
Peter Boyland
Eugine Boyland
Michael Boyland
Eli Boyland
Daniel Boyland
Joel Boyland
Aruther Boyland
Vincent Boyland
Sydney Boyland
Raymond Boyland

Top female forenames

Mary Boyland
Elizabeth Boyland
Sarah Boyland
Ann Boyland
Annie Boyland
Fanny Boyland
Alice Boyland
Margaret Boyland
Jane Boyland
Susan Boyland
Rose Boyland
Maria Boyland
Louisa Boyland
Ellen Boyland
Eliza Boyland
Agnes Boyland
Catherine Boyland
Minnie Boyland
Emma Boyland
Anne Boyland
Emily Boyland
Edith Boyland
Florence Boyland
Caroline Boyland
Priscilla Boyland
Eva Boyland
Emm Boyland
Amy Boyland
Lucy Boyland
E. Boyland
Hollis Boyland
Charlotte Boyland
Grace Boyland
Celia Boyland
Ruth Boyland
Frances Boyland
Bridget Boyland
Angla Boyland
Lydia Boyland
Isabella Boyland
Christina Boyland
Hannah Boyland
Charlote Boyland
Georgina Boyland
Cecilia Boyland
Rosenar Boyland

Top occupations

Servant General
Stay Maker
Farm Labourer
Laborer General
General Servant (Domestic)
No Occupation
Servant (AL)
Flax Dresser
Plough Boy
Ag Lab
General Laborer
General Servant (Dom)
Worker In Isinglass
Dressmaker Assistant
Eng Rm Artifr
Engine Room Artificers Wife
General Servant
Farm Labourer Wife
General Labourer
Fly Proprietor Employing 1 Man And 1 Boy
Farm Serv
Fell Merchant
Cartridge Maker (Fuser)
Agr Labourer
Agricultural Laborer
Architects Clerk
Attendant (Others In Serv 4/2)
Blacksmiths Crew
Boiler Maker
Boot Maker
Chemical Labourer
Clerk Silk ...
Coachman (4) (6/2)
Coal Miner
Coal Tipper (Lab)
Collar Factory Worker
Compositor Printer