Boynes in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Boynes
William Boynes
Charles Boynes
Joseph Boynes
Thomas Boynes
George Boynes
Richard Boynes
Robert Boynes
Albert Boynes
Joshua Boynes
Henry Boynes
Walter Boynes
Benjamin Boynes
Herbert Boynes
Harry Boynes
Geo. Boynes
Edward Boynes
Miles Boynes
Ernest Boynes
Cuthbert Boynes
Sl. Boynes
Michal Boynes

Top female forenames

Mary Boynes
Elizabeth Boynes
Alice Boynes
Ann Boynes
Martha Boynes
Jane Boynes
Maria Boynes
Louisa Boynes
Isabella Boynes
Sarah Boynes
Margaret Boynes
Anne Boynes
Hannah Boynes
Florence Boynes
Ellen Boynes
Agnes Boynes
Maryann Boynes
Clara Boynes
Catherine Boynes
Lilian Boynes
Ada Boynes
Susan Boynes
Rebecca Boynes
Maud Boynes
Eliza Boynes
Charlotte Boynes
Caroline Boynes
Jessie Boynes
Frances Boynes
Flora Boynes
May Boynes

Top occupations

Ironstone Miner
General Serv
Engine Fitter at Works
Serge Weaver
Miner (Coal)
Land Houses & Annuity
Storekeeper (Genl Shopkpr)
Labourer In Foundry (Iron)
Labourer (Oil Cloth Factory)
Stoker HM Service (RN)
Skin Tanner
Plain Needlewoman
Professor Of Music
Printers Boy
Painter Wife
Invalid Unable to Work For 6 Years
Housemaid Domestic Serv
Colliery Labourer
Colliery Engineman
Clerk In The Apo...Dept Of The Central Office Of The High Court Of Justice
Chemical Labourer
Captain Barge
Brass Labourer
Badge Maker
Asst Housekeeper
Domestic Servant
Domestic Servant (Groom)
Greenwich Pensioner
General Domestic Servant
Gen Serv
Gardener N D
Felter At Serge Factory (Wc)
Farm Labourer
Engine Stoker In Coal Mine
Dyers Finisher
Domestic Servant Nurse