Brabbs in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Brabbs
George Brabbs
James Brabbs
William Brabbs
Thomas Brabbs
Robert Brabbs
Samuel Brabbs
Henry Brabbs
Francis Brabbs
Wm. Brabbs
Chas. Brabbs
Walter Brabbs
Alfred Brabbs
Matthew Brabbs
Jim Brabbs
Isaac Brabbs
Henery Brabbs
Geo. Brabbs
Edwin Brabbs
Charles Brabbs

Top female forenames

Mary Brabbs
Jane Brabbs
Sarah Brabbs
Ann Brabbs
Eliza Brabbs
Annie Brabbs
Emma Brabbs
Elizabeth Brabbs
Ada Brabbs
Elizth. Brabbs
Hannah Brabbs
Emily Brabbs
Elisa Brabbs
Christianah Brabbs
Matilda Brabbs
Martha Brabbs
Jemima Brabbs
Isabella Brabbs
Susanah Brabbs
Clara Brabbs
Rosehannah Brabbs
Charlott Brabbs
Anne Brabbs
Mable Brabbs
Alice Brabbs

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Ag Lab
Brick Carring
General Servant
Book Folder
Boot Maker
Ag Labourer
General Labourer
Farmer Wife
Field Hand
Farmer Servant Indoor
Formerly A Buttler
House Keeper (Dom)
Joiners Apprentice
Glaizer Of Glass
Railway Stoker
Railway Signalman
Nurse Maid Domestic Serv
No Occupation
Machine Smith E & M
Lodging House Keeper
Knacker Man
Farmer Of 6 Acres Of Land
Farmer Of 226 Acres Employing 1 Boy
Farmer Of 110 Acres (Employing 1 Labourer)
Carrier Wife
Bricklayers Labourer
Brick Maker
Book Numberer
AG. Laborer Wife
AG. Laborer
Cloth Dresser
Cloth Dresser Wife
Farmer Of 100 Acres (Employing 1 Lab)
Farm Servant Ag Lab
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farm Servant (Ind)
Farm Serv Indoor
Farm Labourer
Domt Servant
Domestic Servant
Cook Domestic