Braddon in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Braddon
John Braddon
Thomas Braddon
Charles Braddon
George Braddon
Joseph Braddon
James Braddon
Richard Braddon
Ernest Braddon
Alfred Braddon
Roger Braddon
Edward Braddon
Walter Braddon
Albert Braddon
Edwin Braddon
Harry Braddon
Samuel Braddon
Francis Braddon
Wm. Braddon
Henry Braddon
Stephen Braddon
Fredrick Braddon
Saml. Braddon
Fred Braddon
Nicholas Braddon
Michael Braddon
Connock Braddon
Benjamin Braddon
Herbert Braddon
Anthony Braddon
Geo. Braddon
Fred.J. Braddon
Percy Braddon
Elliott Braddon
Nathaniel Braddon
Ben Braddon
Ambrose Braddon

Top female forenames

Mary Braddon
Emma Braddon
Ellen Braddon
Ann Braddon
Emily Braddon
Sarah Braddon
Jane Braddon
Fanny Braddon
Elizabeth Braddon
Louisa Braddon
Edith Braddon
Ada Braddon
Martha Braddon
Maria Braddon
Lucy Braddon
Alice Braddon
Charlotte Braddon
Harriet Braddon
Frances Braddon
Margaret Braddon
Jessie Braddon
Dora Braddon
Janie Braddon
Bessie Braddon
Rhoda Braddon
Hetty Braddon
Barbara Braddon
Olive Braddon
Gertrude Braddon
Annie Braddon
Florence Braddon
Annabilla Braddon
Amilia Braddon
Eliza Braddon
Adelaide Braddon
Kathleen Braddon
Susan Braddon
Jesse Braddon
Sara Braddon
Bertha Braddon
Priscilla Braddon
Avice Braddon
Anne Braddon
Marion Braddon
Amelia Braddon
Lousia Braddon
Agnes Braddon
Lilly Braddon
Eliz. Braddon
Tabitha Braddon

Top occupations

Farmers Son
General Servant
((Farmers Wife))
Farmers Wife
Gardener & Scholar (Sch)
Farmers Daur
Carpenter Wife
Boot Closer
Straw Board Liner
Formerly Farm Laborer
Kitchen Maid
Cook (Domestic Serv)
Gen Serv (Dom)
Journeyman Saddler
General Lab
General Serv (Out Of Employ)
Housekeeper Dom
Housemaid Domestic
Iron Worker
Income Mortgages Etc
Farmers ((Daughter))
Farmer Of 224 Acres Employing 5 Men 1 Woman 2 Boys
Farmer of 170 Acres
Carpenters Wife
Carpenter (Apprentice)
Carpenter & Scholar
Captains Wife (Military)
Captain R N Retired List
Book Folder
Asst Paymaster
Cook (Dom)
Farmer of 130 Acres
Farmer of 120 Acres
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Elementary Teacher (School)
Dom Servant