Braddy in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Braddy
William Braddy
James Braddy
Robert Braddy
Edward Braddy
John Braddy
Harry Braddy
Fredrick Braddy
Walter Braddy
Charles Braddy
Richard Braddy
Alfred Braddy
Jeremiah Braddy
Jabez Braddy
Henry Braddy
Frederick Braddy
Thomas Braddy
Basil Braddy
Archibald Braddy
Albert Braddy
Herbert Braddy
Edwin Braddy
Stephen Braddy
Arthur Braddy

Top female forenames

Mary Braddy
Elizabeth Braddy
Ellen Braddy
Maria Braddy
Alice Braddy
Martha Braddy
Emma Braddy
Laura Braddy
Ada Braddy
Gertrude Braddy
Florence Braddy
Sarah Braddy
Emily Braddy
Agnes Braddy
Phebe Braddy
Dora Braddy
Jemima Braddy
Susan Braddy
Esther Braddy
Rebecca Braddy
Matilda Braddy
Elizebeth Braddy
Eliza Braddy
Lydia Braddy
Anne Braddy
Kate Braddy
Harriett Braddy
Frances Braddy
Selina Braddy
Ethel Braddy
Rhoda Braddy

Top occupations

Working At Match Factory
Agricultural Laborer
Ag Lab
Prop Of Day School (Sm)
Bricklayers Labourer
Smiths Labourer
Licensed Victualler
Late Bible Woman
Labour In Chemical Works (Ms Chem)
House Md
House Decorator Wife
House Decorator
Hatters (Assistant)
Lodging House Keeper
Teacher Of Music
Seed Grower 20 A 3 Men 2 Boys Brickmaker
School Keeper (Office)
School Assistant English (Teacher)
Machinist (S)
Railway Serv Pointsman
Pupil Teacher
Private 52nd Foot
Governess (T) (Private)
Governess (Domestic)
General Servant (Domestic)
Coachman (Dom)
Chemical Laborer
Carpenters Appr
Carpenter & Joiner
Cabinet Maker & Ironmonger Employing 4 Apprentices
Butcher/Local Methodist Pechr
Ag.Lab. wife
Coachman Domestic Serv.
Coachman's wife
Dockyard Labourer
General Servant
Gardener Domestic
Garden Domestic Serv
Form Governess
Factory Hand Out Of Employ
Errand Boy
Domestic Servant