Bradely in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Bradely
John Bradely
Earnest Bradely
B. Bradely
Wm. Bradely
Walter Bradely
Edgar Bradely
Charles Bradely
Arthur Bradely

Top female forenames

Hannah Bradely
Nellie Bradely
M. Bradely
Jane Bradely
Emily Bradely
Annie Bradely
R. Bradely
Matilda Bradely
Lilly Bradely
Elizebth Bradely
Alice Bradely
Rosehannah Bradely

Top occupations

(Potters) Warehousewoman (Unemployed)
Market Gardener
General Servt
General Servant
General Laborer
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Domestic Servant
Coalminer (Unemployed)
Clergyman M A Camb Without Care Of Souls
School Keeper