Bradish in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Bradish
William Bradish
Henry Bradish
Eugene Bradish
Charles Bradish
Alfred Bradish
Angelo Bradish
James Bradish
Frederick Bradish
Wheaton Bradish
Phillip Bradish
Micheal Bradish
Martin Bradish
Herbert Bradish
George Bradish
Francis Bradish
Edward Bradish
W. Bradish
Oliver Bradish
Mathew Bradish
Joseph Bradish

Top female forenames

Mary Bradish
Louisa Bradish
Florence Bradish
Emily Bradish
Elizabeth Bradish
Edith Bradish
Martha Bradish
Angela Bradish
Alexandra Bradish
Jane Bradish
Adelaide Bradish
Ellen Bradish
Eliza Bradish
Catherine Bradish
Susan Bradish
Annie Bradish
Angele Bradish
Margaret Bradish
Alicia Bradish
Laura Bradish
Agnes Bradish
Frances Bradish
Bessie Bradish
Maud Bradish
Ann Bradish

Top occupations

Soldiers Wife
Shop Boy
Sergt Major 3rd Surrey Militia
Railway Porter Foreman
Railway Clerk
Pawnbrokers Assistant
Packing Case Maker Wife
Packing Case Maker (Carpeter)
Boot Maker
Butcher Boy
Captain In Militia
Civil List Pensioner
Commercial Clerk
Domestic Servant
Domestic Servt
General Labourer
Omnibus Driver
Omnibus Driver Wife
Wife Of A Soldier