Bradstock in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Bradstock
John Bradstock
Henry Bradstock
Frank Bradstock
Edward Bradstock
James Bradstock
George Bradstock
Thomas Bradstock
Harry Bradstock
Stephen Bradstock
Charles Bradstock
Albert Bradstock
Richard Bradstock
Benjn. Bradstock
Andrew Bradstock
Herbert Bradstock
Alfred Bradstock
W. Bradstock
Thos. Bradstock
Geo.Thos. Bradstock
Fredk. Bradstock
Richd. Bradstock
Rd. Bradstock
P. Bradstock
Wm.Geo. Bradstock
Leonard Bradstock
Benjamin Bradstock
Willm. Bradstock
Anastasin Bradstock
Walter Bradstock
Thos.W. Bradstock
Geo. Bradstock
Robert Bradstock
Frederick Bradstock
F. Bradstock
Percy Bradstock
Earnest Bradstock
Leslie Bradstock
Wm. Bradstock

Top female forenames

Mary Bradstock
Emily Bradstock
Eliza Bradstock
Elizabeth Bradstock
Sarah Bradstock
Jane Bradstock
Harriet Bradstock
Fanny Bradstock
Kate Bradstock
Isabella Bradstock
Hannah Bradstock
Emma Bradstock
Annie Bradstock
Norah Bradstock
Grace Bradstock
Amelia Bradstock
Francis Bradstock
Marion Bradstock
Mabel Bradstock
Laura Bradstock
Susan Bradstock
Elisabeth Bradstock
Rose Bradstock
Jenny Bradstock
E. Bradstock
Rachel Bradstock
Caroline Bradstock
Phoebie Bradstock
Ann Bradstock
Minn Bradstock
Gertrude Bradstock
Ada Bradstock
Martham Bradstock
Frances Bradstock
Maria Bradstock
Lucy Bradstock
Ellen Bradstock
Urinea Bradstock
Kathleen Bradstock
Jessie Bradstock
Edith Bradstock
Rosa Bradstock
Charlotte Bradstock
Polly Bradstock

Top occupations

No Occupation
Farmers Wife
Manager Glas & China House
General Servant Domestic Parlour
Millers Wife
General Laborer
Domestic Servant General
Galvaniser (Iron)
Furniture Maker
Glass Agent
Grocer Beer Retailer Outdoor License
Law Student
Laberour (Ag Lab)
Kept By Son
Innkpr Public House
Licensed Victualler
House Keeper
Income From Dividends
Farmers Daur
Clergyman Ch Of Eng
C Miller
Brass Finisher
Braider Dressmaker
Boilersmith At Works (Maker)
Boilersmith At Works
Wood Engravor (Artist)
Clergymans Wife
Clerk Engineering Wife
Farmers Daughter
Farmer Of 449 Acres Employing 9 Men 2 Boys & 2 Women
Farmer Of 315 Impg 5 Men & 1 Boy
Farm Servant (D)
Dress Maker
Drapers Assist
Curate In Charge Of St Pauls Stonehouse
Commercial Agent
Coin Maker (Royal Mint) (E 8 Men)