Brailey in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Brailey
John Brailey
Thomas Brailey
George Brailey
Joseph Brailey
James Brailey
Henry Brailey
Charles Brailey
Richard Brailey
Frederick Brailey
Walter Brailey
Samuel Brailey
Edwin Brailey
Edmund Brailey
Thos. Brailey
Robert Brailey
Albert Brailey
Wm. Brailey
Harry Brailey
Arthur Brailey
Alfred Brailey
Ernest Brailey
Herbert Brailey
Archibald Brailey
Sidney Brailey
Fredrick Brailey
Ambrose Brailey
Fredk. Brailey
Alfd. Brailey
Philip Brailey
Francis Brailey
Paul Brailey
Eli Brailey
Edward Brailey
Earnest Brailey
Tom Brailey
Geo. Brailey
Amos Brailey
Fredric Brailey
Alexander Brailey
Percival Brailey
Josh.Richd. Brailey
Wm.Elias Brailey
Dick Brailey
W.Henry Brailey
Hayman Brailey
Benjn. Brailey

Top female forenames

Mary Brailey
Elizabeth Brailey
Sarah Brailey
Jane Brailey
Emma Brailey
Alice Brailey
Emily Brailey
Ellen Brailey
Elizth. Brailey
Martha Brailey
Susan Brailey
Anne Brailey
Ann Brailey
Amelia Brailey
Agnes Brailey
Maria Brailey
Florence Brailey
Eliza Brailey
Harriet Brailey
Annie Brailey
Louisa Brailey
Edith Brailey
Grace Brailey
Georgina Brailey
Fanny Brailey
Lavinia Brailey
Susannah Brailey
Amy Brailey
Keziah Brailey
Sophia Brailey
Johanna Brailey
Ruth Brailey
Ada Brailey
Helen Brailey
Milicent Brailey
Clara Brailey
Maud Brailey
Gertrude Brailey
Catherine Brailey
Francis Brailey
Bessie Brailey
Margery Brailey
Florance Brailey
Tamsin Brailey
Lavenia Brailey
Elliner Brailey
Julia Brailey
Elizth.A. Brailey
Prudence Brailey
Harriett Brailey

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Cabinet Maker
General Laborer
Private R M L I
At Home
Domestic Servant
Laborer In Brickyard (Maker)
Cotton Operative
Coal Miner
General Servant
Labourer Wife
Teacher Principal Of School
Carpenter & Joiner
General Servant Domestic
General Labour
Farmer Master Employing 3 Labourers
Farmer Of 220 Acres Employing 3 Labours 1 Boy
Farmer Of 80 Acres
Footman Domestic
Foreman Glover
Formerly Farm Lab
Formerly Mariner
Gen Shop (Assistant)
Gas Work Lab
Gen Serv
Westleyan Minister (Superannuated)
Brick Presser (Maker)
Canal Labourer (Ft)
Capt Crew
Cot Weaver
Domc Serv
Domestic Serv
Domestic Serv Cook
Employed At Paper Mill
Employed In Wollen Mill