Braine in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Braine
George Braine
John Braine
Thomas Braine
Charles Braine
Henry Braine
Frederick Braine
James Braine
Arthur Braine
Alfred Braine
Francis Braine
Walter Braine
Richard Braine
Samuel Braine
Benjamin Braine
Albert Braine
Edward Braine
Frank Braine
Fred Braine
Ernest Braine
Evan Braine
Edwin Braine
Thos. Braine
Geo. Braine
Fredk.D. Braine
Allyett Braine
Philip Braine
Oliver Braine
Joseph Braine
Vernon Braine
Herbert Braine
Daniel Braine
Harry Braine
Charls Braine
Robt. Braine
Geo.D. Braine
C. Braine
Robert Braine
G.M.H. Braine
Phillip Braine
Alfrid Braine
Oswald Braine
Willie Braine
Alexandra Braine
Louis Braine
Abraham Braine
Horace Braine
David Braine
Sidney Braine
Christopher Braine

Top female forenames

Mary Braine
Elizabeth Braine
Alice Braine
Sarah Braine
Annie Braine
Emma Braine
Jane Braine
Eliza Braine
Ada Braine
Ellen Braine
Louisa Braine
Caroline Braine
Hannah Braine
Martha Braine
Lucy Braine
Emily Braine
Fanny Braine
Charlotte Braine
Ann Braine
Florence Braine
Edith Braine
Susan Braine
Clara Braine
Harriett Braine
Amy Braine
Frances Braine
Maud Braine
Eleanor Braine
Helena Braine
Patience Braine
Kate Braine
Sophia Braine
Matilda Braine
Agnes Braine
Ethel Braine
Margaret Braine
Catherine Braine
Olive Braine
Lillian Braine
Anna Braine
Elizth.A. Braine
Lilian Braine
Angelina Braine
Minnie Braine
Keziah Braine
Flora Braine
Julia Braine
Selina Braine
Albina Braine
Jessie Braine

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
No Occupation
Coal Miner
Ag Lab
Dress Maker
General Servant
Domestic Serv
Cork Cutter
Trinity Pilot
Farmers Daur
Cabinet Maker
Hat Finisher
Merchants Clerk
Farmers Son
Writer Legacy Duty Office
Commission Teller Agent
Cook (Domestic)
Cork Manufacturer
Drapers Clerk
County Court Clerk (oth off)
County Court Clerk (Oth Off) Wife
Dock Master
Domestic Servant Housemaid
Beerhouse Keeper
Boilersmiths Wife
Book Binder
Book Keeper (Clerk)
Boot & Shoe Maker
Cap Machinist
Carpenter Unemployed
Carpenters Wife
Articled Pupil To Auctioneer
Cheesemonger Shopman
City Messenger
Clerk Collar Dresser
Clerk In Registry Office