Brakefield in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Brakefield
Charles Brakefield
Edward Brakefield
George Brakefield
John Brakefield
Daniel Brakefield
Edgar Brakefield
Alexander Brakefield
Thomas Brakefield
Henry Brakefield
Albert Brakefield
Walter Brakefield
Robert Brakefield
Joseph Brakefield
James Brakefield
Cornelius Brakefield
Richard Brakefield

Top female forenames

Louisa Brakefield
Mary Brakefield
Ann Brakefield
Elizabeth Brakefield
Anne Brakefield
Martha Brakefield
Annie Brakefield
Sarah Brakefield
Eliza Brakefield
Rachael Brakefield
Maggie Brakefield
Alice Brakefield
Kate Brakefield
Harriett Brakefield
Fanny Brakefield
Emily Brakefield
Selina Brakefield
Rose Brakefield
Clara Brakefield
Phoebe Brakefield
Amy Brakefield
Jane Brakefield
Hannah Brakefield
Eva Brakefield
Tamor Brakefield
Ellen Brakefield

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farmers Wife
Ag Engine Driver & Farmer
General Servant
General Servant (Domestic)
Tobacconists Daur
Wheelwright (Journeyman)
Farmers Son
Farmer Of 90 Acres Employing 4 Men
Farmer Of 110 Acres
Ag Engine Driver 7/1
Bd Of Works Engine Driver
Bricklayers Laborer
Engine Driver Traction (A M A)
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farmer (Emp 4 Men 2 Boys Farming 150 Acres)
Farmer 80 Acres 1 Man & 1 Woman
Farmer 87 Acres Employing 2 Men & 2 Boys
Wheelwrights ((Assistant Journeyman))