Bramall in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Bramall
William Bramall
Joseph Bramall
George Bramall
Thomas Bramall
James Bramall
Samuel Bramall
Arthur Bramall
Charles Bramall
Henry Bramall
Edward Bramall
Frank Bramall
Albert Bramall
Alfred Bramall
Robert Bramall
Edwin Bramall
Fred Bramall
Herbert Bramall
Ernest Bramall
Francis Bramall
Harry Bramall
Tom Bramall
Wm. Bramall
Eli Bramall
Joshua Bramall
Benjamin Bramall
Maurice Bramall
Mark Bramall
Isaac Bramall
Lewis Bramall
Joe Bramall
Stanley Bramall
Wright Bramall
Matthew Bramall
Allison Bramall
Fareweell Bramall
Louise Bramall
Ira Bramall
Roland Bramall
Willoughby Bramall
Leonard Bramall
Abraham Bramall
Rich. Bramall
Kechen Bramall
Ralph Bramall
Warren Bramall
David Bramall
Grayson Bramall
Oscar Bramall
Vincent Bramall

Top female forenames

Mary Bramall
Sarah Bramall
Elizabeth Bramall
Ann Bramall
Annie Bramall
Ellen Bramall
Eliza Bramall
Ada Bramall
Alice Bramall
Harriet Bramall
Jane Bramall
Hannah Bramall
Clara Bramall
Martha Bramall
Florence Bramall
Frances Bramall
Emily Bramall
Margaret Bramall
Emma Bramall
Nancy Bramall
Agnes Bramall
Charlotte Bramall
Edith Bramall
Sophia Bramall
Maria Bramall
Ruth Bramall
Beatrice Bramall
Elizth. Bramall
Lydia Bramall
Anne Bramall
Gertrude Bramall
Caroline Bramall
Lucy Bramall
Alberta Bramall
Minnie Bramall
Esther Bramall
Jessie Bramall
Blanche Bramall
Mabel Bramall
Annis Bramall
Olive Bramall
Amelia Bramall
Kate Bramall
Rebecca Bramall
Grace Bramall
Elisabeth Bramall
Francis Bramall
Lilly Bramall
Nellie Bramall
Amanda Bramall

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Spring Knife Cutler
File Cutter
Farmers Wife
Cotton Weaver
Farmer Wife
Farmers Son
Carpenters Apprentice
French Polisher
Domestic Servant
Stone Quarryman
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Table Knife Cutler
Slater & Plasterer
Dress Maker
House Painter
General Labourer
Lodge Keeper
Farm Servant
Lodging House Keeper
Farmer Son
Farmer Of 9 Acres
No Business
Farmer Of 15 Acres
File Cutler
House Keeper
Mechanic In Machine Works
No Occupation
Professor Of Music
Baller In A Mill
Farm Serv (Indoor)
House Maid
Metal Smith (Wt)
Boot & Shoe Maker
Pen Blade Grinder
Pupil Teacher
General Serv