Brandt in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Brandt
Charles Brandt
William Brandt
Albert Brandt
Herbert Brandt
Ernest Brandt
W. Brandt
Henry Brandt
Frederick Brandt
Edward Brandt
Arthur Brandt
Waldeman Brandt
Alfred Brandt
Tom Brandt
J. Brandt
Theodore Brandt
Adolphe Brandt
Robert Brandt
H. Brandt
Per Brandt
Francis Brandt
Moris Brandt
Louis Brandt
Christian Brandt
Karl Brandt
Axel Brandt
Wilhelm Brandt
Jonas Brandt
Armiger Brandt
James Brandt
Alexander Brandt
Thomas Brandt
Hugh Brandt
Agustus Brandt
Robson Brandt
Richard Brandt
Not Brandt
F.E.H. Brandt
Marcus Brandt
Laurent Brandt
Julies Brandt

Top female forenames

Margaret Brandt
Mary Brandt
Elizabeth Brandt
Adela Brandt
Eleanor Brandt
Jane Brandt
Charlotte Brandt
Ellen Brandt
Julia Brandt
Sarah Brandt
Rebecca Brandt
Augusta Brandt
Matilda Brandt
Esther Brandt
Anna Brandt
Marion Brandt
Emily Brandt
Margareta Brandt
A. Brandt
Magdalina Brandt
Katherine Brandt
Dora Brandt
Wilhelmina Brandt
Rosaline Brandt
H. Brandt
Catherine Brandt
Nuta Brandt
Frances Brandt
Bertha Brandt
Minnie Brandt
Ethel Brandt
Annie Brandt
Emma Brandt
Alice Brandt
Marie Brandt
Ada Brandt
Eliza Brandt
Laura Brandt
Eadaline Brandt
Constance Brandt
Henrietta Brandt
Celina Brandt
Fridze Brandt
Caroline Brandt
Nathalia Brandt
Florie Brandt

Top occupations

Merchants Clerk
General Merchant
Pork Butcher
Laborer Iron Works
Master Mariner
Manager Stuff Merchant
Master Mariner & Naval Sea Pilot (MS)
Lodging House Keeper
Mates Wife
Leather Dresser
Sugar Baker
Merchants Wife
Stone Mason
Shoemakers Appce
Ship Carpenter
Servant (Dom)
Milliners Assistt
Russian Merchant Member Of The Baltic
Pupil Teacher (Unemp)
Labourer Agricultural
Laborer Sugar Refiners
Coal Exporter & Ship Broker
Clergyman Without Care Of Souls
Clergyman Wife
Civil Engineer (Ment Inst C E)
Boy 2 Cl
Boot Binder
Author Of Professor Of Letters
Assistant Teacher (Unemp)
Coal Trimmer
Commercial Clerk
Hat & Cap Manufacturer
Interest On Money
Interest Of Money
Income From Shares Dividends & Mortgages
I Engineer
Housekeeper Domestic
Grocers Appce
Governess (Teacher)
Cook Domestic
Commission Merchant (Agent)