Branford in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Branford
William Branford
James Branford
George Branford
Benjamin Branford
Thomas Branford
Edward Branford
Robert Branford
Edwin Branford
Richard Branford
Joseph Branford
Herbert Branford
Charles Branford
Henry Branford
Alfred Branford
Samuel Branford
Frank Branford
Daniel Branford
Walter Branford
Harry Branford
Fred Branford
Ernest Branford
Edgar Branford
Jno Branford
Wm Branford
Ben Branford
A. Branford
Percy Branford
Ezra Branford
Noah Branford
Josh. Branford
Womack Branford
Claude Branford
Towning Branford
Harold Branford
Frederic Branford
Oliver Branford
Ezekial Branford
Michael Branford
Eric Branford

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Branford
Mary Branford
Sarah Branford
Ann Branford
Annie Branford
Caroline Branford
Harriet Branford
Frances Branford
Alice Branford
Hannah Branford
Susannah Branford
Emma Branford
Eliza Branford
Edith Branford
Fanny Branford
Margaret Branford
Ellen Branford
Laura Branford
Maud Branford
Martha Branford
Anna Branford
Maria Branford
Susan Branford
Eleanor Branford
Helen Branford
Anne Branford
Marriane Branford
Florence Branford
Ethel Branford
Agnes Branford
Mabel Branford
Ada Branford
Lucy Branford
Ruth Branford
Rhoda Branford
Jeanette Branford
Norah Branford
Isabella Branford
Charlotte Branford
Tabitha Branford
Mable Branford
Esther Branford
Adelaid Branford
M. Branford
Elvira Branford
Sama Branford
Lilian Branford
Rose Branford
Kate Branford
Rebbeca Branford

Top occupations

Carpet Weaver
Grocers Assistant
Domestic Servant
Plumber & Glazier
No Occupation
Bakers Assistant
Ag Lab
Formerly Plumber
Footman Dom
Fireman On Canal Steamer (Bargeman)
Filer Holloware Foundry
Gen Lab
Farmers Wife
Gen Serv (Domestic)
Greengrocer Wife
Genl. Servt.
Genl Clerk Accountant
General Servant Domestic
General Serv Dom
Greengrocer Son
General Ser (Domestic)
General Lab
General Barber And Hairdresser
Coachman Dom
Farmer 96 Ac 3 Men 1 Boy
Farmer (758 Acres 23 Labs 10 Boys 3 Women)
Worsted Weaver
Carpenter Journeyman
Butchers Wife
Brick Makers Labourer
Assistant Of Public House (I S)
Chemist & Druggist
Chemists Assistant
Domestic Servt Footman
Dealer In Cattle
Creeler In Carpet Factory
Commercial Traveller Tea Trade
Coal Screener (M S)
Coal Miner