Brannan in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Brannan
James Brannan
Thomas Brannan
Patrick Brannan
Michael Brannan
William Brannan
Martin Brannan
Edward Brannan
Peter Brannan
Charles Brannan
George Brannan
Joseph Brannan
Francis Brannan
Arthur Brannan
Bernard Brannan
Mark Brannan
Daniel Brannan
Andrew Brannan
Robert Brannan
Henry Brannan
Frank Brannan
Samuel Brannan
Richard Brannan
Mathew Brannan
Jas. Brannan
David Brannan
Benjamin Brannan
Jno. Brannan
Michl. Brannan
Dominick Brannan
Alfred Brannan
Timothy Brannan
Thos. Brannan
Hugh Brannan
Albert Brannan
Patk. Brannan
Frederick Brannan
Owen Brannan
Micheal Brannan
Matthew Brannan
Harry Brannan
Pat Brannan
Charlie Brannan
Jammes Brannan
Michal Brannan
Anthony Brannan
Domnick Brannan
Mich. Brannan
Heny Brannan
Dennis Brannan

Top female forenames

Mary Brannan
Bridget Brannan
Margaret Brannan
Ellen Brannan
Ann Brannan
Catherine Brannan
Elizabeth Brannan
Sarah Brannan
Jane Brannan
Annie Brannan
Alice Brannan
Emma Brannan
Harriet Brannan
Kate Brannan
Martha Brannan
Hannah Brannan
Anne Brannan
Eliza Brannan
Maria Brannan
Julia Brannan
Agnes Brannan
Rose Brannan
Maggie Brannan
Fanny Brannan
Isabella Brannan
Emily Brannan
Winifred Brannan
Susan Brannan
Edith Brannan
Louisa Brannan
Henrietta Brannan
Margt. Brannan
Margret Brannan
Esther Brannan
Cecilia Brannan
May Brannan
Elizebeth Brannan
Betty Brannan
Eujenie Brannan
Charlotte Brannan
My. Brannan
M. Brannan
Cecelia Brannan
Honor Brannan
Mona Brannan
Amy Brannan
Winefred Brannan
Maud Brannan
Amelia Brannan
Elizh. Brannan

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Worsted Spinner
Domestic Servant
Rag Sorter
General Laborer
Bricklayers Labourer
Print Worker (C P)
Cotton Weaver
Farm Labourer
General Labourer
No Occupation
General Serv
Masons Labourer
Agricultural Labourer
Ag Lab
Masons Laborer
Dock Labourer
Railway Porter
General Servant
Rag Picker
Iron Moulder
Rag Sorter (Woollen)
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Puddler (Iron)
Cotton Spinner
Assistant to Father
Mason Labourer
Labourer Iron Works
Railway Labourer
House Keeper
Laborer At Alkali Works
Labourer General
Poulterers Laborer
Cattle Dealers Daur
Brick Maker