Brantingham in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Brantingham
John Brantingham
George Brantingham
Christopher Brantingham
Francis Brantingham
Robert Brantingham
Henry Brantingham
Fred Brantingham
Edward Brantingham
Charles Brantingham
Philip Brantingham
Herbert Brantingham

Top female forenames

Mary Brantingham
Elizabeth Brantingham
Annie Brantingham
Sarah Brantingham
Jane Brantingham
Ann Brantingham
Eliza Brantingham
Susannah Brantingham
Nancy Brantingham
Martha Brantingham
Kate Brantingham
Catherine Brantingham
Violet Brantingham
Susanna Brantingham
Nind Brantingham
Lousa Brantingham
Jessie Brantingham
Georgina Brantingham

Top occupations

Mission Woman
Painter Appren
School Teacher
Shop Assistant (Drapers)
Steamship Owner
Tailor & Draper
Warehouseman Gray Fustian (Manuf)
Marine Engineer Apprentice
M A & B O L Oxon (No Occ)
Inquiring And Attendance Officer (School ...)
Cotton Balling (Mf)
Engineers Wife
Errand Boy (Mess)
Farmer & C Of 27 Acres
Farmer Of 67 Acres
Gardener (Domestic Servant)
Gardener Wife
Grocer Master 4 Men 3 Boys
2nd Engr