Brashaw in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Brashaw
William Brashaw
James Brashaw
Charles Brashaw
Thomas Brashaw
Thos. Brashaw
Joseph Brashaw
Arthur Brashaw
Robt. Brashaw
Harry Brashaw
Frederick Brashaw
Edmund Brashaw
Samuel Brashaw
Jas. Brashaw
Henry Brashaw
George Brashaw
Edward Brashaw
David Brashaw
Wilfred Brashaw

Top female forenames

Mary Brashaw
Sarah Brashaw
Elizabeth Brashaw
Ann Brashaw
Jane Brashaw
Hannah Brashaw
Eliza Brashaw
Annie Brashaw
Matilda Brashaw
Margaret Brashaw
Harriet Brashaw
Elinor Brashaw
Caroline Brashaw
Mgt. Brashaw
Clara Brashaw
Adelaide Brashaw

Top occupations

Stone Mason
Office Boy Errand
Gen Lab
Coal Miner
Joiner & Small Farmer Wife
Labourer In Rail Rolling Mill
No Occupation
Ag Lab
Twiner (Ctn)
Watch Maker
Watch Maker Wife
Joiner & Small Farmer Of 6 Acres
Income From Property
Assistant At Home Dom Ser
Cord Room Hand
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Weaver (Hosiery)
Domestic Servant
Farm Servant (Ind)
House Keeper