Brasher in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Brasher
Henry Brasher
Thomas Brasher
Edward Brasher
Arthur Brasher
John Brasher
Charles Brasher
Edwin Brasher
James Brasher
George Brasher
Frank Brasher
Robert Brasher
Martin Brasher
Wm. Brasher
Alfread Brasher
Joseph Brasher
Hy. Brasher
Benjamin Brasher
Stephen Brasher
Fredk.C. Brasher
Alfred Brasher
Samuel Brasher
Enoch Brasher
Edwd.B. Brasher
Edfgar Brasher
Jeremiah Brasher
Daniel Brasher
Jacob Brasher
Walter Brasher
Benj. Brasher
Geo. Brasher
Amos Brasher
Sidney Brasher
Frederick Brasher
Ronald Brasher
Francis Brasher
Nathan Brasher
Jethro Brasher
David Brasher
Wm.Henry Brasher
Chas.E. Brasher
Uriah Brasher

Top female forenames

Mary Brasher
Sarah Brasher
Elizabeth Brasher
Alice Brasher
Lucy Brasher
Maria Brasher
Ellen Brasher
Louisa Brasher
Jane Brasher
Emily Brasher
Martha Brasher
Ellin Brasher
Florence Brasher
Annie Brasher
Edith Brasher
Ethel Brasher
Ada Brasher
Malinda Brasher
Elleanor Brasher
Louiza Brasher
Eliza Brasher
Leah Brasher
Dorothy Brasher
Sophia Brasher
Jessie Brasher
Charlotte Brasher
Georgiana Brasher
Bertha Brasher
Minnie Brasher
Mercy Brasher
Emma Brasher
Amelia Brasher
Emila Brasher
Alfreda Brasher
Abigail Brasher
Susan Brasher
Julia Brasher
Clara Brasher
Selina Brasher
Caroline Brasher
Rachel Brasher
Frances Brasher
Asenath Brasher
Miner Brasher
Anne Brasher
Matilda Brasher

Top occupations

Ag. Lab.
Dress Maker
General Serv
Agr. Labourer
Domestic Servant
Governess (Sch)
Groom Domestic Servant
Groom Dom Serv
Governess Resident
Genl Labourer & Navy Pensioner
General Servant
Colliery Lamp Keeper
Ho Maid
Hosiery Warehouseman
Law Writer (Clerk)
Ladys Maid
Lace Manufacturers App
Lace Finisher
Iron Moulder
Gen Serv
Fine Arts Dealer
Farmers Daughter
Builder Junior Partner Of The Firm William Brasher & Son
Builder Employing 12 Men
Bricklayers Lab
Booking Clerk GWR
Ag. Lab.s Wife
Ag. Lab. Wife
Carpenter (Journeyman)
Clerk Timber Merchant
Dom Serv
Dom Ladys Maid
Director Of Traffic
Cook Dom Serv Unemployed
Compositor Printer
Coal Merchant
Coachman Dom Serv