Brathwaite in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Brathwaite
Thomas Brathwaite
John Brathwaite
Joseph Brathwaite
James Brathwaite
Francis Brathwaite
Abraham Brathwaite
Robert Brathwaite
Isaac Brathwaite
Harry Brathwaite
Frederick Brathwaite
Alexander Brathwaite
William Brathwaite
Samuel Brathwaite
Hodgson Brathwaite

Top female forenames

Mary Brathwaite
Sarah Brathwaite
Ann Brathwaite
Elizabeth Brathwaite
Dorothy Brathwaite
Jane Brathwaite
Elen Brathwaite
Rose Brathwaite
Ada Brathwaite
Margaret Brathwaite
Letitia Brathwaite
Isabel Brathwaite
Florence Brathwaite
Elina Brathwaite
Amelia Brathwaite
Lucy Brathwaite
Harriett Brathwaite
Fanny Brathwaite
Eliza Brathwaite

Top occupations

Assistant Tailor
Coal Miner
Farmer Son
Locomotive Inspector (With Rail)
Mast & Blockmaker
Pin Sheeter
Retired Banker
Valet (Dom)
Iron Moulder Wife
Boot Uppers Machinist
Carpenter & Joiner
Domestic Serv
Drilling Machine Boy (E & M)
Farmer Of 661 Acres
Genl Servant
Iron Moulder
Warfingers Clerk