Bready in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Bready
William Bready
James Bready
Thomas Bready
George Bready
Charles Bready
Edward Bready
Albert Bready
Christopher Bready
Patrick Bready
Joseph Bready
Henry Bready
Frederick Bready
Patt Bready
Owen Bready
Michael Bready
Hugh Bready
Frank Bready
Walter Bready
Robert Bready
Alfred Bready
Afred Bready
Nicholas Bready

Top female forenames

Sarah Bready
Mary Bready
Margaret Bready
Elizabeth Bready
Eliza Bready
Bridget Bready
Jane Bready
Ann Bready
Agnes Bready
Ellen Bready
Charlotte Bready
Susanna Bready
Rosa Bready
Alice Bready
Flora Bready
Emily Bready
Clara Bready
Catherine Bready
Kate Bready
Harriet Bready
Esther Bready

Top occupations

Dock Laborer
Agricultural Labourer
Mill Hand W C (Text)
Coal Miner
Lab At Sugar Works
Iron Miners Lab
Grocers Assistant
Grinder (Cotton Mill)
... Locomotive Engine Fitter At Works
Mill Hand (Text) (W C)
Milliners Assistant
Nurse To Sick
Rag Cutter
Sheet Mender (Wool)
Waitress Unemployed
Genl Labourer
Genl Haulier
General Servant
... Locomotive Engine Fitter At Works Wife
Boot Machinist
Braid Blocker (Small Ware) (Silkmanuf)
Bricklayers Lab
Commercial Clerk (Wharfinger)
Cotton Weaver
Domestic Serv Gardener (Unemployed)
Errand Boy
Factory Paper Works
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Gen Serv Domestic
General Labourer
Winder (Cotton Mill)