Breckon in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Breckon
John Breckon
Thomas Breckon
George Breckon
James Breckon
Robert Breckon
Joseph Breckon
Francis Breckon
Arthur Breckon
Harry Breckon
Ralph Breckon
Charles Breckon
Henry Breckon
Richard Breckon
Christopher Breckon
Benjamin Breckon
Walter Breckon
Edward Breckon
Martin Breckon
Amos Breckon
Wilkinson Breckon
Thos. Breckon
Solomon Breckon
Frederic Breckon
Robt. Breckon
Edwin Breckon
Edgar Breckon
Oliver Breckon
Marmaduke Breckon
Annie Breckon
Herbert Breckon
Albert Breckon
Frederick Breckon
Robt.Hy. Breckon
David Breckon

Top female forenames

Mary Breckon
Hannah Breckon
Elizabeth Breckon
Jane Breckon
Alice Breckon
Sarah Breckon
Emily Breckon
Lucy Breckon
Eliza Breckon
Annie Breckon
Ann Breckon
Margaret Breckon
Edith Breckon
Eleanor Breckon
Amelia Breckon
Clara Breckon
Emma Breckon
Ada Breckon
Dinah Breckon
Margt. Breckon
Elizth. Breckon
Agnes Breckon
Lydia Breckon
Louise Breckon
John Breckon
Celena Breckon
Selina Breckon
Harriet Breckon
Betsy Breckon
Rebecca Breckon
Fanny Breckon
Maria Breckon
Ellenor Breckon
Margret Breckon
Mabel Breckon
Lilly Breckon
Charlotte Breckon
Catherine Breckon
Bertha Breckon
Mrs Breckon
Evelyn Breckon
Anne Breckon
Martha Breckon

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Woollen Carpet Weaver
General Serv
Jet Worker
Farmers Wife
Farmers Daughter
Lamp Lighter (Gas)
No Occupation
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Iron Mine Labourer
Grocer Master Employing 1 Boy
Iron Worker
Jet Ornament Manufact (Lap)
Formerly Housekeeper
Gen Serv
General Labourer
Iron Miner
General Serv (Dom)
General Serv (Domestic)
General Servant
Grocer & Provision Dealer
Grocers Ass
Ironworks Laborer
Farmer Of 5 Acres
Farmers Daur
Auctioneers Clerk
Cow Keeper Dairy
Domestic Servt
Draper & Clothier
Works On The Farm (Ag Lab) (In Door)
Farm Of 135 Acres Employing 3 Labourers
Farm Servant (Indoors)
Farmer Of 111 Acres
Farmer Of 260 Acres 1 Labourer 2 Boys
Farmer Of 42 Acres
Beerhouse Keeper (Sealer)
Farmer Of 96 Acres Emply 1 Man
Farmer Son