Brees in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Brees
William Brees
Thomas Brees
Edward Brees
George Brees
Samuel Brees
Richard Brees
Charls Brees
Alfred Brees
Walter Brees
Stphen Brees
Soloman Brees
Roger Brees
Humphrey Brees
Ernest Brees
David Brees
Benjamin Brees
Albert Brees
Isaac Brees
Henry Brees
Frederick Brees

Top female forenames

Mary Brees
Sarah Brees
Ann Brees
Laura Brees
Margaret Brees
Alice Brees
Harriet Brees
Emily Brees
Elizabeth Brees
Margret Brees
Jane Brees
Ellen Brees
Marry Brees
Caroline Brees
Lizzie Brees
Kate Brees
Susan Brees
Rose Brees
Matilda Brees
Charles Brees
Martha Brees
Cathrin Brees
Bertha Brees
Louisa Brees
Amelia Brees
Ada Brees
Emma Brees
Maud Brees
Clara Brees
Cathrine Brees

Top occupations

Farmers Daur
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farmers Son
Domestic Servant
Servant At Home
No Occupation
Lead Miner
Iron Works (Unemployed)
Printers Assistant
Helper In Boiler Yd (12)
Miner (C)
Railway Repairer (Lab)
Public School Teacher
Seaman Unemployed
Sheapards Daughter
Sheapards Wife
Slate Quarry Man
Grooms Wife
Groom Dom Servt
Apprentice Slater
Boy 1st Class
Farm Servant
Farmer (And Slate Quarrier) Including In Hendreddu General Servant
Farmer 60 Acres
Farmers Servant (Indoor)
Farmers Wife
Farming Of 40 Acres 1 Man
Fitter Machinist (Shoes)
Flannel Weaver
Formerly Laundress
French Polisher
General (Farm) Servant
General Servant (Domestic)
Apprentice Shoemaker