Brelsford in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Brelsford
James Brelsford
William Brelsford
Thomas Brelsford
Charles Brelsford
Joseph Brelsford
Robert Brelsford
George Brelsford
Samuel Brelsford
Frank Brelsford
David Brelsford
Alfred Brelsford
Mark Brelsford
Albert Brelsford
Fredrick Brelsford
Anthony Brelsford
Solomon Brelsford
Frederick Brelsford
Jos. Brelsford
Arthur Brelsford
Wilfred Brelsford
Job Brelsford
Allaby Brelsford
Vernon Brelsford
Isaac Brelsford
Henry Brelsford
Sidney Brelsford
Sampson Brelsford
Ernest Brelsford
Noah Brelsford
Benjamin Brelsford
Walter Brelsford
Tom Brelsford
Herbert Brelsford
Sam Brelsford
Francis Brelsford
Percy Brelsford
Edward Brelsford

Top female forenames

Mary Brelsford
Elizabeth Brelsford
Sarah Brelsford
Hannah Brelsford
Ann Brelsford
Annie Brelsford
Margaret Brelsford
Jane Brelsford
Eliza Brelsford
Harriet Brelsford
Emily Brelsford
Ada Brelsford
Bertha Brelsford
Lucy Brelsford
Alice Brelsford
Isabella Brelsford
Clara Brelsford
Maria Brelsford
Nancy Brelsford
Martha Brelsford
Marguerite Brelsford
Esther Brelsford
Lillie Brelsford
Elizth.A. Brelsford
Susanna Brelsford
Jennie Brelsford
Edith Brelsford
Polly Brelsford
Harriett Brelsford
Maud Brelsford
Caroline Brelsford
Francis Brelsford
Betty Brelsford
Fanny Brelsford
Ester Brelsford
Amy Brelsford
Lizzie Brelsford
Ellen Brelsford
Agnes Brelsford
Kate Brelsford
Elizth. Brelsford
Selina Brelsford
Rosa Brelsford
Helena Brelsford
Dot. Brelsford
Charlotte Brelsford
Matilda Brelsford
Gertrude Brelsford
Bridget Brelsford
Florence Brelsford

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Cotton Winder
Crepe Weaver
Engine Driver
Stone Mason
Cotton Factory Operative
Coal Miner
Railway Clerk
Painters Apprentice
Assisting At Home (Inn Serv)
Ag Lab
Housekeeper (Dom)
Errand Boy
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Feeder At Woollen Factory
General Labourer
General Labr
Hairdresser & C
House Keeper
Hat Manufacturer
Hat Trimmer
Heald Knitter (Unemployed)
Horticultrist (7-3)
Hairdresser & C Wife
Card Room Hand
Cotton Weaver Unemployed
Chemist & Druggist Assistant
Calico Print Finisher
Com Clerk Railway
Cotton F W K
Brick Setter
Cotton Loom Tackler
Cotton Operative
Cotton Piecer
Cotton Spinner
Boiler Maker
Winder Worsted And Woollen
Artists Wife
Domestic Serv
Drawer In Cotton Mill