Bremner in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Bremner
William Bremner
Alexander Bremner
James Bremner
Donald Bremner
Henry Bremner
Robert Bremner
David Bremner
Charles Bremner
Frank Bremner
Horace Bremner
Thomas Bremner
Samuel Bremner
Frederick Bremner
Ernest Bremner
Coles Bremner
Andrew Bremner
Thos. Bremner
Harold Bremner
Alexandra Bremner
Stephen Bremner
Geo. Bremner
Alex. Bremner
Rupert Bremner
Eric Bremner
Peter Bremner
Douglas Bremner
Leopold Bremner
Archibald Bremner
W.W. Bremner
Harry Bremner
Alfred Bremner
George Bremner
Alex Bremner
Roscoe Bremner
Ramsay Bremner
Douglass Bremner
Oliver Bremner
Kenneth Bremner
Wright Bremner
Arthur Bremner
Walter Bremner

Top female forenames

Mary Bremner
Isabella Bremner
Alice Bremner
Annie Bremner
Ann Bremner
Elizabeth Bremner
Jane Bremner
Janet Bremner
Eliza Bremner
Charlotte Bremner
Emma Bremner
Sarah Bremner
Edith Bremner
Margaret Bremner
Christina Bremner
Catherine Bremner
Emily Bremner
Anne Bremner
Ellen Bremner
Eliz. Bremner
Louisa Bremner
Kate Bremner
Martha Bremner
Lydia Bremner
Helen Bremner
Selina Bremner
Julia Bremner
Rhoda Bremner
Jeanette Bremner
Maria Bremner
Isabel Bremner
E. Bremner
M.A. Bremner
Hilda Bremner
Cora Bremner
Hannah Bremner
Lilias Bremner
Frances Bremner
Violet Bremner
Bessy Bremner
Lavinia Bremner
Sidaway Bremner
Elsie Bremner
Anna Bremner
Josephine Bremner
Elizth.Gardner Bremner
Norah Bremner
Amelia Bremner
Ada Bremner
Infant Bremner

Top occupations

Blind Maker
Tobacco Broker
Dress Maker
Teacher (Sch)
Police Constable
O Seaman
General Clerk
Gardener (Dom)
Forman Millwright (G W R Locom Work)
Interest Of Money
Lenis Warehouseman Assistant
Corporal Scots Guards
Linen Commission Merchant
General Practitioner L R C P Edin
Goldsmith Mounter Unemployed
Labourer Lead Works
Jet Worker
Governess To Children School Teacher
Ironmonger Unemployed
Engine Fitter At Works
East India Merchant
Clerk Costume Manuftrs
Civil Engineer
Blind Maker (Hrfd)
Beer Retailer Dau
Barrister (In Practice B.A.)
Baker Employing 1 Boy 2 Men
Clerk To Banker
Wife Of Ships Steward R N
Commercial Traveller Printing Machinery
Draughtsman Marine Engine E&M
Draughtsman (Artz)
Drapers Assistant
Domestic Serv
Dom Serv
County Court Bailiff (Other Tax Off)