Brend in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Brend
John Brend
James Brend
George Brend
Thomas Brend
Charles Brend
Henry Brend
Richard Brend
Robert Brend
Archibald Brend
Reuben Brend
Willm. Brend
Samuel Brend
Arthur Brend
Frederick Brend
Edward Brend
Sidney Brend
Joseph Brend
Fredk Brend
Walter Brend
Frederic Brend
Sydney Brend
Daniel Brend
Oliver Brend
Jonathan Brend

Top female forenames

Mary Brend
Elizabeth Brend
Sarah Brend
Annie Brend
Bessie Brend
Martha Brend
Ann Brend
Lucy Brend
Lillie Brend
Helen Brend
Grace Brend
Eliza Brend
Harriet Brend
Rebecca Brend
Geneth Brend
Fanny Brend
Maria Brend
Esther Brend
Alice Brend
Malinda Brend
Eliner Brend
Eda Brend
Theresa Brend
L.J. Brend
Clara Brend
Susan Brend
Betty Brend
Beatrice Brend
Frances Brend
Anna Brend
Marion Brend
Eva Brend
Allen Brend
Margaret Brend
Emma Brend
Mahalah Brend
Lily Brend
Edith Brend
Laura Brend
Dorothy Brend
Susanah Brend
Helena Brend
Blanche Brend
Sophia Brend

Top occupations

Ag Lab
General Servant
General Labourer
Stone Mason
House Painter
Farm Servt
Farm Serv
Domestic Serv
Genrl Labourer
Housemaid Domestic
Hire ? Woodman
Ho Agent
Road Contractor
Housekeeper To Head Dom
Housemaid (Dom Serv)
Pensioner RM & Innkeeper
Railway Engine Driver
Labourer General
Plumber & Gas Fitter
MS Mariner
Masons Labourer
General Serv (Domestic)
Domestic Servant
Blksmith Dockyd Pensioner
Clerk To Malster
Carpenter Apprentice
Woollen Weaver
Blacksmith Apprentice
Domestic Servant Gen
Dress Mr
Farm Servant
General Practitioner M.R.C.S.Eng L.A.
Gen Lab
Gardener & Groom (ND)
Game Mcht Wife
Game Mcht Son
Fish Fruit & Game Mcht
Farrier Employ 1 Man
Farm Servant (Indoor)