Brendon in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Brendon
George Brendon
John Brendon
Charles Brendon
Alfred Brendon
Francis Brendon
Richard Brendon
Peter Brendon
Walter Brendon
Herbert Brendon
Henry Brendon
Fred Brendon
Sydney Brendon
Edward Brendon
Sidney Brendon
Robert Brendon
Algernon Brendon
Reuben Brendon
Oliver Brendon
Frank Brendon
Thomas Brendon
Edwin Brendon
Stephen Brendon
Earnest Brendon
Rundle Brendon
Besje Brendon

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Brendon
Mary Brendon
Fanny Brendon
Christiana Brendon
Margaret Brendon
Laura Brendon
Annie Brendon
Emma Brendon
Ann Brendon
Eliza Brendon
Alice Brendon
Rachael Brendon
Eleanor Brendon
Maria Brendon
Catherine Brendon
Betsy Brendon
Hannah Brendon
Bessie Brendon
Ellen Brendon
Sarah Brendon
Edith Brendon
Margt. Brendon
Celia Brendon
Lilian Brendon
Caroline Brendon
Jane Brendon
Betsey Brendon
Florence Brendon
Beatrice Brendon
Esther Brendon
Anna Brendon
Emily Brendon

Top occupations

Dividends & Annuities
Grocer Assistant
No Occupation
Income Derived From Property Invested In Funds Etc
Watchmaker And Grocer
Assistant Architect
Mine Brokers Wife
Mine Broker
Merchant Hotel Keeper & Farmer
Printer & Stationer
Printer & Stationer Employing 37 Men 28 Boys 13 Girls
Printers Wife
Tea Dealer Assistant
Stock & Share Dealer (Broker)
Servant Domestic
School Teacher
Retired Farmer
Matchbox Makr (Wood)
Major Genl Retired List Wife
Major Genl Retired List
F.R.C.S. (Not Prac)
F Serv
Cabinet Makr
Butchers Servt
Bricklayers Labourer
Assistant To Oil & Lamp Mercht
Assistant Housekeeper
Assistant Drapers
Farmer & Hotel Keeper
Lady Superintendent
Groom (A L)
Grocers Assistant
Grocers Apprentice
Grocer Master Employing 5 Men
Grocer & Provision Merchant
Gentleman Cadet
Farmer of 100 Acres Employing 1 Lab
Farmer 23 Acres