Brewerton in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Brewerton
John Brewerton
George Brewerton
James Brewerton
Charles Brewerton
Elijah Brewerton
Thomas Brewerton
Samuel Brewerton
Henry Brewerton
Arthur Brewerton
Joseph Brewerton
Alfred Brewerton
Robert Brewerton
Benjamin Brewerton
Albert Brewerton
Edward Brewerton
Walter Brewerton
Frederick Brewerton
Timothy Brewerton
Thos. Brewerton
Sidney Brewerton
Frank Brewerton
Young Brewerton
Willm. Brewerton
Christopher Brewerton
Thos.T. Brewerton
Isaac Brewerton
Harry Brewerton
Asa Brewerton
Geo. Brewerton
Adolphus Brewerton
Percival Brewerton
Fred Brewerton
Abraham Brewerton
Matthew Brewerton
Ernest Brewerton
Wm.H.M. Brewerton
Jonah Brewerton
Edwin Brewerton
Jesse Brewerton
David Brewerton
Jabez Brewerton
Chas. Brewerton
Sam Brewerton
Fredk.B. Brewerton
Richard Brewerton
Fred. Brewerton
Adam Brewerton
Oliver Brewerton

Top female forenames

Mary Brewerton
Elizabeth Brewerton
Sarah Brewerton
Hannah Brewerton
Ann Brewerton
Emily Brewerton
Emma Brewerton
Clara Brewerton
Martha Brewerton
Maria Brewerton
Alice Brewerton
Jane Brewerton
Ellen Brewerton
Caroline Brewerton
Lucy Brewerton
Annie Brewerton
Rosanna Brewerton
Matilda Brewerton
Rose Brewerton
Julia Brewerton
Florence Brewerton
Fanny Brewerton
Margaret Brewerton
Louisa Brewerton
Ruth Brewerton
June Brewerton
Eliza Brewerton
Jo Brewerton
Millicent Brewerton
Isabella Brewerton
Beatrice Brewerton
Flora Brewerton
Anna Brewerton
Faith Brewerton
Amelia Brewerton
Ethel Brewerton
Susan Brewerton
Lilian Brewerton
Ada Brewerton
Kate Brewerton
Edith Brewerton
Rebecca Brewerton
Catherine Brewerton
Maud Brewerton
Harriett Brewerton
Bethia Brewerton
Marianne Brewerton
Evelina Brewerton
Winifred Brewerton
Alma Brewerton

Top occupations

Dress Maker
No Occupation
Stone Mason
Stay Presser
Laborer Genl
Engine Fitter
Worsted Spinner & Scholar
General Servant (Domestic)
Printer Compositor
Grocers Errand Boy
File Hardener
Glass Blower
Farmers Wife
Farmers Son
File Hardener Wife
Formerly Servent Domestic
Grocer Assistant (Grocer)
Fruit Hawker
Gardener (Dom)
Gardiner (N D)
Gen Lab
General Dealer
General Serv (Domestic)
Domestic Servt
Farm Serv (Indoors)
Farm Boy
Chemist & Druggist
Certificated Schoolmistress
Cashier & Hotel Keeper
Carpenter & Joiner
Cabinet Maker
Bricklayers Laborer
Bricklayers Lab
Civil Engineer Surveyor To Castleford Local Board
Worsted Weaver
Engine Turner In Work
Engine Driver
Edge Tool Maker
Dyer (Unemploy)
Drapers Assistant
Drapers Apprentice
Dom Serv
Coal Porter (Heaver)