Brickett in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Brickett
John Brickett
William Brickett
Walter Brickett
Arthur Brickett
Samuel Brickett
George Brickett
Ethelbert Brickett
Edward Brickett
Bertie Brickett
Wm. Brickett
Alfred Brickett
Thomas Brickett
Henry Brickett
Frederick Brickett
Ernest Brickett
David Brickett
Thos. Brickett

Top female forenames

Sarah Brickett
Ann Brickett
Annie Brickett
Emma Brickett
Elizabeth Brickett
Mary Brickett
Eliza Brickett
Rose Brickett
Corabeth Brickett
Marion Brickett
Caroline Brickett
Margret Brickett
Lucy Brickett
Agnes Brickett
Jane Brickett
Gussey Brickett
Florence Brickett
Ellen Brickett
Rhoda Brickett
Marrianne Brickett
Catherine Brickett
Maria Brickett
M.Louisa Brickett
Amy Brickett
Louisa Brickett
Harriet Brickett
Gertrude Brickett
Tilley Brickett

Top occupations

Pianoforte Maker
Servant (Dom)
General Servant
Bricklayers Labourer
Iron Worker
Income From Lodgers And Assistance From Son (H & Super)
Head Mistress Pub Elemy School
Head Master Pub Elemy School
Mangling & Baby Farming
Ostrich Feather Maker
Railway Porter
Sewing Machinist
Smith & Gas Fitter
Smith & Gas Fitters Wife
Groom (D)
Assistant At Home
Assistant Tobacconist
Boot Salesman
Commercial Traveller
Engineer ...
Engineer Employing 16 Men 1 Boy (E & M)
Farmer 53 1/2 Acres Emp 1 Man & Boy
Farmers Daur
Farmers Wife
Gardeners Asst
Gen Lab
General Labourer Coalyard
General Porter
General Servant Domestic