Bridgett in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Bridgett
John Bridgett
Thomas Bridgett
James Bridgett
George Bridgett
Charles Bridgett
Samuel Bridgett
Edwin Bridgett
Harry Bridgett
Isaac Bridgett
Chas. Bridgett
Walter Bridgett
Alfred Bridgett
Leonard Bridgett
Daniel Bridgett
Theordore Bridgett
Arthur Bridgett
Stephen Bridgett
Frank Bridgett
Edward Bridgett
Wm. Bridgett
Isaiah Bridgett
Caesar Bridgett
Benjamin Bridgett
Ted Bridgett
Frederick Bridgett
Albert Bridgett
Morton Bridgett
Francis Bridgett
Ephraim Bridgett
Jno.Wm. Bridgett
Tom Bridgett
Bennett Bridgett
Gryme Bridgett
Geo. Bridgett
Alexander Bridgett
Ralph Bridgett
Maurice Bridgett
Ernest Bridgett
Joseph Bridgett
Enoch Bridgett
Joel Bridgett
Jno. Bridgett

Top female forenames

Mary Bridgett
Sarah Bridgett
Louisa Bridgett
Caroline Bridgett
Ann Bridgett
Eliza Bridgett
Jane Bridgett
Alice Bridgett
Harriett Bridgett
Hannah Bridgett
Ellen Bridgett
Emma Bridgett
Annie Bridgett
Florence Bridgett
Emily Bridgett
Lucy Bridgett
Elizabeth Bridgett
Kate Bridgett
Edith Bridgett
Stella Bridgett
Fanny Bridgett
Martha Bridgett
Susan Bridgett
Bessie Bridgett
Eva Bridgett
Beatrice Bridgett
Marion Bridgett
Anne Bridgett
Margaret Bridgett
Elizth.J. Bridgett
Ada Bridgett
Eleanor Bridgett
James Bridgett
Dora Bridgett
Ruth Bridgett
May Bridgett
Bertha Bridgett
Marian Bridgett
Mabel Bridgett
Elizth. Bridgett
Agnes Bridgett
Edna Bridgett
Harrt. Bridgett
E. Bridgett
Harriet Bridgett
Clara Bridgett
Rachel Bridgett

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Stone Mason
Scissor Burnisher
Lace Manufacturer
Carter & Stone Mason
Hosiery Worker
Iron Miner
Ag Lab
House Wife
General Serv
Gen Domestic Servant
Formerly Potters Turner Wife
Formerly Potters Turner
Fitter (E & M)
Grocer & Provisions Dealer
Grocer Shop Stet
Ironminer Wife
Home Work
Home Work (Domestic)
Ironminer & Farmer Of 8 Acres
House Painter (Employing 1 Man And 3 Boys)
House Painters Wife
Draughtsman Lace
Farmer 12 Acres Employing Own Family
Engine Fitter
Clerk In Tile Wharf
Butler Domestic Serv
Bricklayers Labourer
Bookkeeper (To Invalid Furniture Maker)
Boiler Maker
Ag Labourer
Clerk To German Meht
Colliery Manager
Eng Fitter
Earthenware Dealer
Assistant Commisary General On Retired List
Domestic Servant
Cotton Winder
Colliery Stoker