Bridgwood in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Bridgwood
George Bridgwood
John Bridgwood
Charles Bridgwood
James Bridgwood
Thomas Bridgwood
David Bridgwood
Sampson Bridgwood
Samuel Bridgwood
Joseph Bridgwood
Frederick Bridgwood
Alfred Bridgwood
Arthur Bridgwood
Henry Bridgwood
Richard Bridgwood
Ernest Bridgwood
Harry Bridgwood
Richd. Bridgwood
Wm. Bridgwood
Jervis Bridgwood
Walter Bridgwood
Isaac Bridgwood
Albert Bridgwood
Saml.Henry Bridgwood
Robert Bridgwood
Francis Bridgwood
Octavius Bridgwood
Ephrain Bridgwood
Edward Bridgwood
Chas. Bridgwood
Bryan Bridgwood
Hubert Bridgwood
Sam Bridgwood
Evonsh Bridgwood
Paul Bridgwood
Ephram Bridgwood
Michael Bridgwood
Edwd. Bridgwood
Jonathon Bridgwood

Top female forenames

Mary Bridgwood
Sarah Bridgwood
Elizabeth Bridgwood
Ann Bridgwood
Annie Bridgwood
Jane Bridgwood
Emily Bridgwood
Eliza Bridgwood
Harriet Bridgwood
Charlotte Bridgwood
Florence Bridgwood
Emma Bridgwood
Ellen Bridgwood
Alice Bridgwood
Hannah Bridgwood
Agnes Bridgwood
Amy Bridgwood
Fanny Bridgwood
Amelia Bridgwood
Martha Bridgwood
Treaser Bridgwood
Nellie Bridgwood
Catherine Bridgwood
Caroline Bridgwood
Maria Bridgwood
Lydia Bridgwood
Winfread Bridgwood
Louisa Bridgwood
Elizth. Bridgwood
Julia Bridgwood
Reblae Bridgwood
Isabella Bridgwood
Edith Bridgwood
Phoebe Bridgwood
Nancy Bridgwood
Gurtrude Bridgwood
Catharine Bridgwood
Matilda Bridgwood
Glen Bridgwood
Bertha Bridgwood
Anne Bridgwood
Margaret Bridgwood Bridgwood
Lucy Bridgwood
Lillie Bridgwood
Rose Bridgwood
Elisa Bridgwood
Rachel Bridgwood
Harriott Bridgwood
Clara Bridgwood

Top occupations

Potters Burnisher
Potters Placer
Iron Plate Worker
Farmers Son
School Teacher
Railway Clerk
Cotton Weaver
Potters Saucer Maker
Bottle Maker Apt
Assist At Home Duties
House Wife
Farmer 80 Acres 2 Men
Farmer Of 250 Acres Employing 3 Men 1 Boy
Farmer Of 35 Acres & Lime Burner
Groom (Domestic Serv)
Gardener N D
Farmers Wife
Farming 46 Acres Employing 1 man & 1 boy
Fellmonger & Maltster
Grocers Assistant
Assistant Master
Fellmonger & Matster
Grocer & School Mistress
Housekeeper (Dom)
Calico Weaver
Army Contractor
Working On Farm (A.L.)
Boiler Maker
Bottle Maker
Bottle Maker Son
Bottle Maker Wife
Brass Lock Maker
Carpenter And Joiner
China Warehouse Woman
Cow Keeper
Domestic Servant
Domestic Servt (Cook)
Engine Fitter