Brier in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Brier
James Brier
Charles Brier
Joseph Brier
Thomas Brier
William Brier
George Brier
Henry Brier
Harry Brier
Walter Brier
Edward Brier
Fred Brier
Arthur Brier
Samuel Brier
Frank Brier
Benjamin Brier
Alfred Brier
Robert Brier
Jonathan Brier
David Brier
Lewis Brier
Sam Brier
Herbert Brier
Tom Brier
Edgar Brier
Chas. Brier
Joe Brier
Ernest Brier
Michael Brier
Matthew Brier
Albert Brier
Thos. Brier
Liversedge Brier
Abraham Brier
H.W. Brier
Snowden Brier
Lenord Brier
Fredrick Brier
Clement Brier
Josh. Brier
Zedekiah Brier
Fredk. Brier
Roy Brier
Jonathon Brier
Willie Brier
Fred. Brier
Richard Brier
Brook Brier
Wilfred Brier
Noah Brier

Top female forenames

Mary Brier
Sarah Brier
Elizabeth Brier
Eliza Brier
Ann Brier
Hannah Brier
Emma Brier
Annie Brier
Alice Brier
Clara Brier
Jane Brier
Emily Brier
Martha Brier
Florence Brier
Ada Brier
Ruth Brier
Ellen Brier
Harriet Brier
Agnes Brier
Edith Brier
Lavinia Brier
Grace Brier
Louisa Brier
Laura Brier
Susan Brier
Katie Brier
Maria Brier
Gertrude Brier
Mira Brier
Lilly Brier
Georgina Brier
Milinda Brier
Catherine Brier
Levinia Brier
Frances Brier
Maud Brier
Caroline Brier
Susannah Brier
Fanny Brier
Betsy Brier
Keziah Brier
Sophia Brier
Esther Brier
Marian Brier
Annis Brier
Kate Brier
Margaret Brier
Anne Brier
Mally Brier
Anerlea Brier

Top occupations

Stone Mason
Ag Lab
Worsted Spinner
Mill Hand (W)
Housekeeper (Dom)
Carpet Setter
Worsted Weaver
Coal Miner
Worsted Twister
Worsted Winder
Dock Labourer
Master Calico Printer (Employing 80 Hands)
Domestic Servant
Farmers Daughter
Farm Labourer
Cook Domestic
Cook (N D)
Cook (Domestic)
Cotton Piecer
Contractor & Stone Merchant
Cotton Reeler
Cotton Minder
Carpet Filler
Apprentice Wool (Manuf)
Yeast Importer
Beerhouse Keeper
Book Keeper
Boot & Shoemaker Clogger
Butchers Serv
Cabinet Maker
Carpenter And Joiner
Army Pensioner & Insurance Agent
Carpet Printer
Cart Driver
Carter Unemployed