Brister in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Brister
George Brister
James Brister
Samuel Brister
Charles Brister
John Brister
Henry Brister
Thomas Brister
Joseph Brister
Frank Brister
Robert Brister
Sidney Brister
Edward Brister
Isaac Brister
David Brister
Herbert Brister
Alfred Brister
Mark Brister
Albert Brister
Fred Brister
Ernest Brister
Arthur Brister
Edwin Brister
Stanley Brister
Sherburn Brister
Edmund Brister
Reginald Brister
Chs.W. Brister
Henery Brister
Percival Brister
Benjamin Brister
Wm.E. Brister
Oliver Brister
Frederick Brister
Willam Brister
Tom Brister
Sydney Brister
Jesse Brister
Isaack Brister
Edd. Brister
Hiram Brister
Richard Brister
Daniel Brister
Percy Brister
Harry Brister
Owen Brister
G.W. Brister
Measer Brister
Alexander Brister
Frederic Brister

Top female forenames

Mary Brister
Elizabeth Brister
Ann Brister
Emily Brister
Ellen Brister
Eliza Brister
Emma Brister
Edith Brister
Jane Brister
Maria Brister
Sarah Brister
Alice Brister
Catherine Brister
Kate Brister
Susan Brister
Charlotte Brister
Caroline Brister
Lucy Brister
Rosina Brister
Elizth. Brister
Louisa Brister
Laura Brister
Anna Brister
Eleanor Brister
Frances Brister
Betsy Brister
Annie Brister
Isabella Brister
Ada Brister
Florence Brister
Esther Brister
Mercy Brister
Julia Brister
Asenath Brister
Matilda Brister
Una Brister
Honor Brister
Susannah Brister
Amelia Brister
Helen Brister
Sophia Brister
Mabel Brister
Harriet Brister
Agnes Brister
Diana Brister
Gladis Brister
A. Brister
Cisley Brister
Lizzie Brister
Rosa Brister

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Ag Labourer
Ag. Labourer
Ag Lab & Land Drainer
Dress Maker
No Occupation
Carpenter Wife
Washing And Mangling
Grocer & Baker
Coachmans Son
General Labourer
Beerhouse Keeper
Ag Laborer
Farm Labourer
Gen Laborer
Journeyman Baker
Dairy Woman (Ag)
Ag Lab & Timber Thrower
Commission Agent
Drapers Assist
Cook (Dom)
Domestic Help
Ag Carter
Dairy Serv
Berlin Wool Business
Ag Labr
Bible Woman
Builder Laborer
Woodman Wife
Carpenter Employ 2 Men & 1 Boy
Carpenter Employ One Man
Button Hole Worker (S)
Agrl Labour
Ag. Labourer Wife
Ag Lab Wife
Ag Serv