Brittin in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Brittin
William Brittin
George Brittin
Joseph Brittin
Thomas Brittin
Charles Brittin
Alfred Brittin
Fred Brittin
Arthur Brittin
James Brittin
Earnest Brittin
Walter Brittin
Solomon Brittin
Sampson Brittin
Alfd. Brittin
Job Brittin
Isaac Brittin
Harry Brittin
Dingley Brittin
Samuel Brittin
Alfd.S. Brittin
Richard Brittin
Henery Brittin

Top female forenames

Mary Brittin
Emma Brittin
Elizabeth Brittin
Hannah Brittin
Alice Brittin
Jane Brittin
Rachel Brittin
Matilda Brittin
Florence Brittin
Martha Brittin
Louisa Brittin
Rebecca Brittin
Harriet Brittin
Caroline Brittin
Ellen Brittin
Eliza Brittin
Edith Brittin
Rosa Brittin
Ida Brittin
Dinah Brittin
Clara Brittin
Anna Brittin
Eunice Brittin
Aletta Brittin
Margret Brittin
Ellenor Brittin
Julianna Brittin
Janet Brittin
Eleanor Brittin
Sarah Brittin
Isabella Brittin
Dora Brittin
Clementina Brittin
Phebe Brittin
Hanah Brittin
Fanny Brittin
Maria Brittin
Emmiley Brittin
Lousia Brittin
Emily Brittin
Laurel Brittin
Jessie Brittin
Susan Brittin

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Income From Dividens No Profession Trade Or Calling
Farm Labourer
Lace Maker
No Occupation
Market Gardener (N D)
Letter Carrier
Labs Wife
Nurse (S M S)
Police Constable
Printer (9/)
Wife Of Annuitant
Teacher Of Music
Straw Plaiter
Stay Maker
Stationer & Printer Employing 1 Man & 1 Boy
Spinner (C)
Rural Letter Carrier (CSNG)
Railway Labourer
General Servant
General Serv
General Domestic
Common Brewer
Cab Driver
Brewers Wife
Bookkeeper (Clerk)
Artist Figure Painter
Army Shoemaker
Apprentice Undef
Ag Labr
Domestic Sevt Out Of Empy
Gen Serv
Gas Tube Welder
G Servant
Foreman Of Stone Quarry
Figure Painter
Farmer Of 60 Acres Employing 3 Men & 1 Boy
Farmer Of 30 Acres
Farm Labourer (Indoor)
Farm Lab
Ag Lab.