Brittle in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Brittle
William Brittle
Thomas Brittle
Henry Brittle
Joseph Brittle
Arthur Brittle
James Brittle
Edward Brittle
George Brittle
Samuel Brittle
Wm. Brittle
Benjamin Brittle
Frederick Brittle
Jesse Brittle
Albert Brittle
Walter Brittle
Horace Brittle
Harry Brittle
Richard Brittle
Robert Brittle
Ernest Brittle
Josiah Brittle
Elias Brittle
David Brittle
Christopher Brittle
Saml. Brittle
Charley Brittle
Geo. Brittle
Noah Brittle
Alfred Brittle
Malcom Brittle
Francis Brittle
Aaron Brittle
Lambert Brittle
Enoch Brittle
Eli Brittle
Thos. Brittle
Earnest Brittle
Shadrack Brittle
Isaac Brittle
Corneleus Brittle
Saml.W. Brittle
Chas. Brittle
Charles Brittle
Reuben Brittle
Fredk. Brittle
Mark Brittle
Frank Brittle
Louis Brittle

Top female forenames

Mary Brittle
Elizabeth Brittle
Sarah Brittle
Eliza Brittle
Ann Brittle
Ellen Brittle
Emma Brittle
Annie Brittle
Alice Brittle
Anne Brittle
Jane Brittle
Charlotte Brittle
Florence Brittle
Caroline Brittle
Rebecca Brittle
Ada Brittle
Catherine Brittle
Rachel Brittle
Kate Brittle
Harriet Brittle
Maria Brittle
Amy Brittle
Edith Brittle
Harriett Brittle
Clara Brittle
Hannah Brittle
Lucy Brittle
Rosannah Brittle
Lily Brittle
Amelia Brittle
Jessie Brittle
Constance Brittle
Matilda Brittle
Susan Brittle
Selina Brittle
Cathrine Brittle
Lydia Brittle
Esther Brittle
Lousia Brittle
Rose Brittle
Lizzie Brittle
Anna Brittle
Letitia Brittle
Elizath. Brittle
Priscilla Brittle
June Brittle
Nellie Brittle
Jemima Brittle
Virtue Brittle
Maud Brittle

Top occupations

Hosiery Hand
Domestic Servant
Genl Servant (Dom)
Cotton Spinner
Engine Fitter
Errand Boy
Warehouse Girl At Bedstead Factory Brass
Ag Lab
Lace Maker
Market Gardener
Framework Knitter
Nail Maker
Rule Maker
Ag Laborer
No Occupation
Brass Polisher
Iron Worker
Miner (C)
Lace Clipper
Gen Serv
Harness Stitcher
General Servant Domestic
General Servant
Groom Dom
General Serv
Green Grocer
General Labourer
Woollen Weaver
Glass Blower
Engine Driver
Bridle Cutter
Chain Maker
Civil Engineer
Clerk (Dock)
Cotton Mill Hand
Dock Labourer
Doffer At Spinning Mill
Dom Servant Out Of Employ
Drapers Asstant