Broady in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Broady
Thomas Broady
James Broady
John Broady
Henry Broady
Joseph Broady
Alfred Broady
Samuel Broady
George Broady
Robert Broady
Charles Broady
Albert Broady
Thos. Broady
Saml. Broady
Benjamin Broady
Isaac Broady
Herbert Broady
Barnett Broady
Israel Broady
Adam Broady
Tady Broady
Hugh Broady
Richd. Broady
Frederick Broady
Oswald Broady
Frazer Broady
Mathew Broady
Dixon Broady
Lawrence Broady
Annie Broady
Jacob Broady
Peter Broady
Fred Broady
Michael Broady
Ellen Broady
Louis Broady

Top female forenames

Mary Broady
Elizabeth Broady
Margaret Broady
Jane Broady
Sarah Broady
Alice Broady
Ann Broady
Eliza Broady
Martha Broady
Annie Broady
Louisa Broady
Ellen Broady
Julia Broady
Emily Broady
Maria Broady
Lucy Broady
Harriet Broady
Fanny Broady
Annah Broady
Amelia Broady
Agness Broady
Lousia Broady
Eliz. Broady
Lillie Broady
Christine Broady
Celia Broady
Schifra Broady
Isabella Broady
Bridget Broady
Ruth Broady
Hannah Broady
Bella Broady
Philis Broady
Evelyn Broady
Elizth. Broady
Dora Broady
Kezia Broady
Charlotte Broady
Vada Broady
Caroline Broady
Bessie Broady
Rach Broady
Arena Broady
Patience Broady
Esther Broady

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
(E&M) Pattern Maker To Engineers
Postmasters Assistant & Telegraph
General Laborer
Farmers Wife
Gardener (D)
Farm Servant Indoor
Employed On Farm
Dress Maker
Domestic Servt
Brick Maker
Engin Driver
Farmer Of 5 Acres
Engraver (Artz)
Farm Labourer
Farm Laborer
Farm Bailiff
Fancy Stationer
Factory Tenter
Errand Boy
Engraver Wife
Corn Porter
Commercial Traveller
Bag Sewer At Salt Works
Attends In Shop
At Home
Assistant School Mistress
Apptce Boiler Smith
Boot & Shoemaker
Coal Merchant
Charwoman & Laundress
Apprentice To Engineer
Char Woman
Chapel Keeper
Carter (Corporation)
Captain Of Tug