Brockhouse in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Brockhouse
William Brockhouse
Samuel Brockhouse
Enoch Brockhouse
Charles Brockhouse
Joseph Brockhouse
Henry Brockhouse
Abraham Brockhouse
James Brockhouse
Frederick Brockhouse
David Brockhouse
Alfred Brockhouse
Jno. Brockhouse
Herbert Brockhouse
George Brockhouse
Frank Brockhouse
Roland Brockhouse
M.H. Brockhouse
Arthur Brockhouse
Wm. Brockhouse
Francis Brockhouse
Richard Brockhouse
Benjamin Brockhouse
Leonard Brockhouse
Jonah Brockhouse

Top female forenames

Sarah Brockhouse
Ann Brockhouse
Eliza Brockhouse
Jane Brockhouse
Emma Brockhouse
Mary Brockhouse
Louisa Brockhouse
Ada Brockhouse
Elizabeth Brockhouse
Phoebe Brockhouse
Ellen Brockhouse
Minnie Brockhouse
Annie Brockhouse
Mabel Brockhouse
Anna Brockhouse
Lucy Brockhouse
Amy Brockhouse
Alice Brockhouse
Rosina Brockhouse
Ellenor Brockhouse
Pheboe Brockhouse
Nancy Brockhouse
Clara Brockhouse
Caroline Brockhouse
Maria Brockhouse
Annah Brockhouse
Lydia Brockhouse
Amo Brockhouse
Susan Brockhouse
Florence Brockhouse
Agnes Brockhouse
Ruth Brockhouse
Elsie Brockhouse
Phebe Brockhouse
Catharine Brockhouse
Martha Brockhouse

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Coach Axle Tree Turner
Brass Caster (Ry Company)
Coal Miners Wife
Postal Clerk (Cs)
No Occupation
Labourer (Timber Trade)
Potters Laborer
Rim Lock Maker
Servant Domc
Silk Winder
Stock Taker Iron Works
Whitesmith Wife
Insurance Agent
Grocer & Local Preacher(Primative Methodist)
General Servant
(R C M)
Back Axle Turner
Bootmakers Wife
Boy Under Training
Cab Driver
Coach Painter
Coach Spring Maker
Domestic Servant
Gen Serv
Wife Of Saml Brockhouse Laborer