Brodrick in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Brodrick
William Brodrick
James Brodrick
George Brodrick
Thomas Brodrick
Edward Brodrick
Patrick Brodrick
Arthur Brodrick
Richard Brodrick
Michael Brodrick
Henry Brodrick
Alan Brodrick
Frank Brodrick
Charles Brodrick
Robert Brodrick
Dennis Brodrick
Harry Brodrick
Andrew Brodrick
Micheal Brodrick
Frederick Brodrick
T. Brodrick
Francis Brodrick
Joel Brodrick
Hugh Brodrick
Garton Brodrick
Laurance Brodrick
Stephen Brodrick
Albert Brodrick
Eustace Brodrick
Richd. Brodrick
Jno. Brodrick
Edmund Brodrick
Reginald Brodrick
David Brodrick
Percy Brodrick
Hubert Brodrick
Cornelius Brodrick
Pat Brodrick
Harold Brodrick
Bartholemew Brodrick
Geo. Brodrick
Tom Brodrick
Martin Brodrick
Alfred Brodrick
Joseph Brodrick
Jas. Brodrick
Peter Brodrick
D. Brodrick
Perceval Brodrick
Herbert Brodrick

Top female forenames

Mary Brodrick
Elizabeth Brodrick
Margaret Brodrick
Ellen Brodrick
Sarah Brodrick
Ann Brodrick
Catherine Brodrick
Annie Brodrick
Jane Brodrick
Alice Brodrick
Emily Brodrick
Hannah Brodrick
Eliza Brodrick
Edith Brodrick
Bridget Brodrick
Mabel Brodrick
Frances Brodrick
Fanny Brodrick
Maria Brodrick
Ada Brodrick
Harriet Brodrick
Florence Brodrick
Katherine Brodrick
Ethel Brodrick
Julia Brodrick
Charlotte Brodrick
Caroline Brodrick
Margrit Brodrick
Isabela Brodrick
Winefred Brodrick
Hellen Brodrick
Susannah Brodrick
Constance Brodrick
M. Brodrick
Lilian Brodrick
Francess Brodrick
Rachel Brodrick
Kathlen Brodrick
Maude Brodrick
Barbara Brodrick
Anora Brodrick
Marianne Brodrick
Anne Brodrick
Jessie Brodrick
Margt. Brodrick
Amy Brodrick
Isabella Brodrick
Winnifred Brodrick
Margrett Brodrick
Agnes Brodrick

Top occupations

General Servant
Coal Miner
Domestic Serv
Domestic Servant
Farm Pupils
Cotton Operative
Cotton Rover
Housemaid Domestic
Miller (Corn)
Solicitor Daur
Factory Operative
General Serv
General Laborer
Ag Lab
Frame Tenter (Cotton)
Foreman In Coal Pits
Field Hand (A G)
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Dress Maker
Farm Serv
Farm Lab (Ag)
Farm Labourer
Yarn Packer (Woollen)
Architect Wife
Brick Makers Apprentice
Coal Dealer
Assistant Dye Maker (Paint)
Commercial Clerk
Commercial Traveller
Contractor Out Of Business
Blast Furnace Keeper
Cotton Reeler
Bedstead Painter
Cotton Spinner
Dispenser Of Medicine (Lab Med)
Civil Engineers Assistant