Bromiley in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Bromiley
John Bromiley
William Bromiley
Thomas Bromiley
Samuel Bromiley
Arthur Bromiley
Joseph Bromiley
Henry Bromiley
Edwin Bromiley
Hamer Bromiley
Albert Bromiley
Walter Bromiley
Daniel Bromiley
Benjamin Bromiley
Alfred Bromiley
Robert Bromiley
Ralph Bromiley
David Bromiley
Jas. Bromiley
Wm. Bromiley
Lawrence Bromiley
Jonathan Bromiley
Stanley Bromiley
Jeremiah Bromiley
Abraham Bromiley
Harry Bromiley
Pearse Bromiley
Frederick Bromiley
Levi Bromiley
Francis Bromiley
Joshuar Bromiley
Thos Bromiley
Joseh Bromiley
Charles Bromiley
Stephen Bromiley
Seth Bromiley
Robt.H. Bromiley
Abel Bromiley
Richard Bromiley
Harold Bromiley
Peter Bromiley
George Bromiley
Matthew Bromiley
Fred. Bromiley

Top female forenames

Mary Bromiley
Alice Bromiley
Sarah Bromiley
Elizabeth Bromiley
Jane Bromiley
Ann Bromiley
Margaret Bromiley
Hannah Bromiley
Eliza Bromiley
Martha Bromiley
Ellen Bromiley
Maria Bromiley
Edith Bromiley
Emma Bromiley
Elizth. Bromiley
Florence Bromiley
Clara Bromiley
Annie Bromiley
Rachel Bromiley
Nancy Bromiley
Blanche Bromiley
Sophia Bromiley
Betsy Bromiley
Amelia Bromiley
Rebecca Bromiley
Ada Bromiley
Fanny Bromiley
Ester Bromiley
Zilpha Bromiley
Betty Bromiley
Louisa Bromiley
Emily Bromiley
Selina Bromiley
Lillian Bromiley
Rosettqa Bromiley
Amy Bromiley
Lavinia Bromiley
Elizbeath Bromiley
Robert Bromiley
Jessie Bromiley
Isabella Bromiley
Eliz. Bromiley
Harriet Bromiley
Dora Bromiley
Matilda Bromiley
Deborah Bromiley
Esther Bromiley
Lizzie Bromiley
Lilian Bromiley
Elizbeth Bromiley

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Coal Miner
Cotton Piecer
Cotton Reeler
Tenter In Mill
Provision Dealer
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Mill Operative
Cotton Finisher (Dyer)
Piecer In Cotton Mill
Weaver Of Cotton (Cloth)
Cotton Winder
House Keeper
Card Room Hand Cotton Mill
Pupil Teacher
General Labourer
Farm Labourer
At Home
Cotton Yarn Piecer
Bleacher Of Cloth (Cotton)
Winder (Cotton Mill)
Cotton Thread Winder
Cotton Warehouseman
Cotton Weaver (Unemployed)
Cotton Weavers Tenter
Cotton Card Room Hand
Cotton Card Stripper & Primative Methodist Local Preacher
Cotton Carder
Cotton Cloth Looker
Cotton Drawing Frame Tenter
Cotton Dyer Unemployed
Cotton Manufacturer Employing 34 Men & Boys 272 Women & Girl Total (306)
Clerk In Supt Registrars Office (Munic)
Cotton Cop Packer
Charwoman Domestic Serv
Book Keeper