Brookhouse in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Brookhouse
Joseph Brookhouse
William Brookhouse
Thomas Brookhouse
Charles Brookhouse
Henry Brookhouse
George Brookhouse
Frederick Brookhouse
Arthur Brookhouse
Richard Brookhouse
Harry Brookhouse
Robert Brookhouse
James Brookhouse
Saml. Brookhouse
Francis Brookhouse
Edward Brookhouse
Walter Brookhouse
Albert Brookhouse
Fredric Brookhouse
Alfred Brookhouse
Frederic Brookhouse
Not Brookhouse
Enoch Brookhouse
Lewis Brookhouse
Elijah Brookhouse
Wm.N. Brookhouse
Willm Brookhouse
J. Brookhouse
Bertie Brookhouse
Andrew Brookhouse
Saml.G. Brookhouse
Fred Brookhouse
Ralph Brookhouse
Ernest Brookhouse
Nathaniel Brookhouse
Elisha Brookhouse
Edwin Brookhouse
Wm. Brookhouse
Clement Brookhouse
Bertram Brookhouse
Tom Brookhouse
Harold Brookhouse
Samuel Brookhouse

Top female forenames

Mary Brookhouse
Sarah Brookhouse
Elizabeth Brookhouse
Alice Brookhouse
Emily Brookhouse
Emma Brookhouse
Jane Brookhouse
Maria Brookhouse
Martha Brookhouse
Hannah Brookhouse
Annie Brookhouse
Fanny Brookhouse
Eliza Brookhouse
Ann Brookhouse
Margaret Brookhouse
Ellen Brookhouse
Rachael Brookhouse
Esther Brookhouse
Lydia Brookhouse
Elizth. Brookhouse
Sophia Brookhouse
Harriot Brookhouse
Edith Brookhouse
Rose Brookhouse
Harriet Brookhouse
Clara Brookhouse
Rachel Brookhouse
Frances Brookhouse
Bettsey Brookhouse
Phoebe Brookhouse
Florance Brookhouse
Anne Brookhouse
Maud Brookhouse
Eveline Brookhouse
Amelia Brookhouse
Ada Brookhouse
Lillian Brookhouse
Elizath. Brookhouse
Selina Brookhouse
Helena Brookhouse
Ruth Brookhouse
Harriett Brookhouse
Daisy Brookhouse
Rosanna Brookhouse
Catharine Brookhouse
Florence Brookhouse
Nelly Brookhouse

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Lace Clipper
Coal Miner
Stationer & Potters Miller
General Servant
Frame Work Knitter
Engine Fitter
Lace Maker
Ag Lab
Inn Keepers Son Assistant
Farmer Of 14 Acres
Farmer Of 5 Acres
Worsted Spinner
Framework Knitter
General Labourer
House Keeper (Dom)
General Servant (Domestic)
Hosiery Hand
General Servant Domestic
Ho Keeper & Assistant
Gilder On Ware
Grocer & Beerseller
Hair Dresser
Hair Dresser Wife
Com Traveller
B layers Wife
Boatman (Barge)
Bricklayers Labourer
Builder (Unemployed)
Carriage Straightner (Spg Mach)
Cement Manufacturer Employg 11 Men
Coach Spring Finisher
Corn Haulier
Cotton Winder
Dentist L.D.S. England
Doctor Of Medicine
Domestic Duty
Engine Smith (E & G) Unemployed