Broomhall in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Broomhall
William Broomhall
Thomas Broomhall
George Broomhall
Samuel Broomhall
Henry Broomhall
Charles Broomhall
Joseph Broomhall
James Broomhall
Edward Broomhall
Arthur Broomhall
Frank Broomhall
Alfred Broomhall
Francis Broomhall
Edwin Broomhall
Harry Broomhall
Emmanuel Broomhall
Frederick Broomhall
Albert Broomhall
Emanuel Broomhall
David Broomhall
Willm. Broomhall
Ernest Broomhall
Walter Broomhall
Robert Broomhall
Fredrick Broomhall
Enoch Broomhall
Thos. Broomhall
Hugh Broomhall
Benjamin Broomhall
Leonard Broomhall
Fredk.G. Broomhall
Wm. Broomhall
Jessey Broomhall
Elijah Broomhall
Hubert Broomhall
Edwrd Broomhall
Hendrick Broomhall
Richard Broomhall
Harold Broomhall
Peter Broomhall
Laban Broomhall
Willm.R. Broomhall
Jos. Broomhall
Jno. Broomhall
Jas. Broomhall
Sidney Broomhall
Eli Broomhall
Robt. Broomhall
Richd. Broomhall

Top female forenames

Mary Broomhall
Elizabeth Broomhall
Sarah Broomhall
Jane Broomhall
Ann Broomhall
Alice Broomhall
Emma Broomhall
Eliza Broomhall
Ellen Broomhall
Margaret Broomhall
Harriet Broomhall
Catherine Broomhall
Ruth Broomhall
Emily Broomhall
Ada Broomhall
Annie Broomhall
Esther Broomhall
Elizth. Broomhall
Martha Broomhall
Helen Broomhall
Edith Broomhall
Lucy Broomhall
Hannah Broomhall
Clara Broomhall
Bessie Broomhall
Phoebe Broomhall
Isabella Broomhall
Maud Broomhall
Agnes Broomhall
Henrietta Broomhall
Adeliea Broomhall
Susan Broomhall
Gertrude Broomhall
Lillian Broomhall
Frances Broomhall
Rose Broomhall
Betsey Broomhall
Kezia Broomhall
Flora Broomhall
Polly Broomhall
Bertha Broomhall
Kate Broomhall
Ethel Broomhall
Olivia Broomhall
May Broomhall
Ida Broomhall
Adeliza Broomhall
Hellen Broomhall
Marion Broomhall
Harriett Broomhall

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Heraldic Chaser (Die Seal)
Income From Money Invested
Occupation Domestic
General Servant
Splint Cutter (Wood Turner)
Tailoress Machinist
Brick Carrier (Mr)
Colonial Broker
Commercial Traveller
Charwoman (Dom)
Collector For Friendly Society (Insurance)
Cook (Domes Serv)
Cook House Attendant
Drapers Assistant
Drapers Apprentice
Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv Cook
Domestic Serv
Dom Servt
Cup Handler
Cotton Twiner
Certificated Assistant Governess
Cattle Dealer & Farmer Of 13 Acres Employing 1 Laborer
Beerhouse Keeper
Bank Service
Bank Agents Wife
Assistant Waggoner
Assistant To Coal Dealer
Works In Pottery
Agricultural Labourer
Ag. Lab.
Ag La
Boot Salesman
Cab Driver
Buckle Coverer
Brush Maker
Bricklayers Labourer
Brick Worker
Brick Carrier