Browell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Browell
William Browell
George Browell
Robert Browell
Thomas Browell
James Browell
Joseph Browell
Henry Browell
Charles Browell
Edward Browell
Richard Browell
Thos. Browell
Ed.Th. Browell
Wm. Browell
Jos. Browell
Charlton Browell
W. Browell
Jno. Browell
Benjamin Browell
Jefferay Browell
Alfred Browell
Septimus Browell
R. Browell
G. Browell
Mary Browell
Elias Browell
Langton Browell
Edw. Browell
David Browell
Thos.R. Browell
Jerimah Browell
Allen Browell
Samuel Browell
Gilbert Browell
Geo. Browell
Matthew Browell
Fred Browell
Mark Browell
Joshua Browell

Top female forenames

Mary Browell
Elizabeth Browell
Jane Browell
Margaret Browell
Sarah Browell
Hannah Browell
Ann Browell
Isabella Browell
Eleanor Browell
Ada Browell
Ellen Browell
Annie Browell
Alice Browell
E. Browell
Emily Browell
Elenor Browell
Dorothy Browell
Charlotte Browell
Florence Browell
Catharine Browell
Kate Browell
Anne Browell
J. Browell
Edith Browell
Mercy Browell
Frances Browell
Fanny Browell
Ethel Browell
C. Browell
Eliz.Hannah Browell
Teresa Browell
Harriett Browell
Ruth Browell
H. Browell
Matilda Browell
Francis Browell
Clara Browell
Margaret. Browell
Charlott Browell
Marg.Jane Browell
F. Browell
Lucy Browell
Barbara Browell
Elizbt. Browell
Eliza Browell
Victoria Browell
Amelia Browell
Helena Browell
Agnes Browell
Gertrude Browell

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Farmers Son
Engine Fitter
General Servant
Provision Dealer
Vicar Daur
Paper Maker
Domestic Servt
Driver In Pit
Colliery Banksman (Driver)
Engine Fitter At Coal Mine
Forgeman BS
Foreman Engineer In Factory (E & M)
Farmers Wife
Farmers Daur
Farmers Bro
Farmer Of 380 Acres
Farmer Of 192 Acres Emp 4 Men
Farm Manager Of 500 Acres (Bailiff)
Colliery Vilever Unemployed
Colliery Fireman
Captain Royal Navy J P (For South Hants)
Capt R A (Active List)
Builders Timekeeper
Bricklayer Wife
Wife Of Above
Blacksmith Wife
Chemists Assistant
Coal Carter
Coal Heaver Hawker
Colliery Engineer (Dr)
Colliery Blacksmith
Blk Smith
Coke Drawer
Coke Burner (Colliery)
Coal Trimmer (O)
Coal Miner Putter
Coal Miner Driver