Brownell in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Brownell
William Brownell
Robert Brownell
Thomas Brownell
George Brownell
Edward Brownell
James Brownell
Charles Brownell
Peter Brownell
Joseph Brownell
Arthur Brownell
Walter Brownell
Henry Brownell
Willm. Brownell
Ricd. Brownell
Michael Brownell
Jonathan Brownell
Thos. Brownell

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Brownell
Ann Brownell
Sarah Brownell
Ellen Brownell
Martha Brownell
Annie Brownell
Mary Brownell
Edith Brownell
Jane Brownell
Matilda Brownell
Maria Brownell
Florence Brownell
Hannah Brownell
Fanny Brownell
Rebeca Brownell
Emily Brownell
Dorothy Brownell
Catherine Brownell
Julia Brownell
Isabel Brownell
Susanna Brownell
Helena Brownell
Adalaide Brownell
Rosa Brownell
Ethel Brownell
Rachael Brownell
Mariann Brownell
Charlotte Brownell
Kathleen Brownell
Arabella Brownell
Anne Brownell
Wilhelmina Brownell
Hellen Brownell
Amy Brownell
Selina Brownell
Sabre Brownell

Top occupations

No Occupation
Porter General
(Property Owner)
Gardener (D)
Governess (Sch)
General Servant (Dom)
General Servant
General Serv Domestic
General Labourer
General Laborer
Gardener Domestic
Gardener (D) Wife
Income Dividends House Property
Pen Knife Grinder
Oddman (Dom S)
Nurse (Domst)
None (Annitant)
Mucht Son
Mill Hand
Laborer Tanner
Income From Government Funds
File Dresser
File Cutter
Coachman (Cab)
Carver & Gilder Wife
Carver & Gilder
Brass Finisher
Tearer Carpet Print Works
Bank Clerk
B 1 Cl
At Home
Colliery Clerk
Colliery Clerks Wife
Engine Fitter
Dress Maker
Drapers Assistant
Domestic Servant
Domes Serv
Dock Laborer Unemployed
Die Maker To Engraver
Cotton Weaver
Corn Miller