Brownley in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Brownley
William Brownley
James Brownley
Thomas Brownley
George Brownley
Robert Brownley
Richard Brownley
Henry Brownley
Joseph Brownley
Alfred Brownley
Frank Brownley
Herbert Brownley
Harry Brownley
Ralph Brownley
Charles Brownley
Goth Brownley
Christopher Brownley
Mathias Brownley
Andrew Brownley
Albert Brownley
Isaac Brownley
Tom Brownley
Samuel Brownley
Richd. Brownley
Edwin Brownley
Jas. Brownley
J. Brownley
Hirame Brownley
Wilfred Brownley

Top female forenames

Mary Brownley
Elizabeth Brownley
Sarah Brownley
Jane Brownley
Alice Brownley
Ellen Brownley
Martha Brownley
Isabella Brownley
Fanny Brownley
Margaret Brownley
Caroline Brownley
Annie Brownley
Hannah Brownley
Rebecca Brownley
Ada Brownley
Nelly Brownley
Ann Brownley
Amelia Brownley
Maria Brownley
Charlotte Brownley
Jessie Brownley
Betsy Brownley
Sophia Brownley
Janet Brownley
Annah Brownley
Amy Brownley
Roshannah Brownley
Emily Brownley
Elizth. Brownley
Denise Brownley
Louisa Brownley
Susannah Brownley
Jennie Brownley
Selina Brownley
Ruth Brownley
Isabel Brownley
Rose Brownley
Florence Brownley
Agnes Brownley
Priscilla Brownley
Fanay Brownley
Lucy Brownley
Sussanah Brownley

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Coal Miner
Lace Hand
Wool Spinner At Factory (Worsted)
Box Hand (Ppr)
Law Writer
Income From House Property
Hostler (H Man)
General Servant
General Labourer
General Dealer
Gen Lab
Iron Foundry Hand
Iron Foundry Lab
Lace Clipper
Labourer At A Brick Field
Laborer In Sheet Steel Rolling Mill
Joiner Wife
Mariners Wife
Iron Worker
Iron Labourer
Forgeman (...)
Coach Builders Wife
Clog Iron Maker
Char Woman
Carter (6:2)
Bricklayer Apprentice
Brass Polisher
Boot Riveter
Cotton Doffer
Cotton Dyer
Cotton Weaver (Manuf)
Fish Hawker
Farmer Of 10 Acres & Joiner & Builder (Master) Employing 40 Men
Farm Servant
Dress Maker
Domestic Servt General
Creeler In A Cotton Mill
Cotton Winder (Mannf)
Cotton Weaver 1/2 Time